21 May 2008

I'm free...

I'm free... today was the last of my commitments on the board at our school. Hannah "graduated" from pre-school this morning in a very cute ceremony and this afternoon was our year end picnic in which I was responsible for the raffle and silent auction. It was a long day after a long year that in one way seemed to go so very quickly. ( I am going to miss all the kids from H's class) Tomorrow I will turn over the $ and be free to enjoy summer vacation with the tiny girl. Oh, and speaking of "vacations", we got good news on Friday that when Hannah returns to school in the fall she will in fact be going back to the same school and kindergarten!! We are so thrilled that she will be in a small and loving class with a teacher she adores. That's one bit of stress that we can put behind us!!

Spring Favs
I am too pooped to upload any pix from today so I will try to do that tomorrow. Instead I am posting my current batch of Flickr favorites. I know many of you will appreciate the shabby, vintage colors and subjects.


  1. Lots of pretty photos from Flikr.
    Enjoy your new found freedom!!

  2. So lovely! Have fun this summer and enjoy your freedom!

  3. so glad your little one is in the same school that has to be a relief!
    lovely inspiration !!! thanks for including me !!

  4. Freedom! Yay! These are some great favs.

  5. I stopped by for a pick-me-up,and what great news you have to share! and beautiful photos!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!

    lots of love

  6. What beautiful photos!
    I'm so happy to have discovered you.

  7. Why does school have to be so stressful for the parents?! I remember those days of uncertainty and fear that the choices we made at the kindergarten level would impact the choices available down the road. Where is all of that in those baby-books I practically memorized while I was expecting??? :-)
    Sounds like your little one will be in a place where she can thrive.
    Blessings to you all~

  8. I'm so happy that H is able to continue at the same school with the same teacher! Yay!

  9. Heather, I can't believe H is graduating from preschool already! Where did the year go? I remember those first few tearful days of school last fall. Just look at how far your little one has come!

  10. This flickr mosaic is gorgeous~ waking up on this kinda-grey morning it really made me smile :)

  11. Congratualations to your little girl! Beautiful pictures also.

  12. These things make me swoon. I think I've forgotten how to do them. Surely I saved the link somewhere.