09 May 2008

losing my mind

Ack, I feel like I am in the midst of an Alzheimers moment. (or week) There is so much going on around here that I feel like I am be pulled in many directions.

The kindergarten situation around here has been very stressful to me. We thought we were all set and everything would be good to go with Hannah attending the same school she goes to now which is a private parochial school. I worked the open enrollment day and turn out was great, for all classes BUT kindergarten so currently there is very low enrollment. Whether or not there will be a kinder class there is still unknown so rather than wait until so late in the summer and the possibility of scrambling around (more than now) we decided we had better enroll her in the public schools as a safety net.

Well, last week I learned that where we live is zoned to the worst school in the district. It is also an under performing school and not in the best part of town. Needless to say, there is NO WAY she is going there. H is very bright, she is reading, spelling and socially advanced. She needs to be in a class where she will be challenged and she can learn. We have been all set to go do battle with the district to get her transferred to a better school but of course, I, in all my spaciness have misplaced her birth certificate and immunization records. Enter world's most patient husband who has been running all over obtaining copies. I feel so bad.. I feel like a flake. I am so worried about all of this it is practically all I can think of.
(update: another phone call to one of our CHOSEN schools and it looks like the girl I talked to at the district gave me mis-information.. ok I feel a little better.. we still need to get over there and sign her up)

In other news, I have been BUSY. Brian (aka MrDoodle) and I have finished up Cerri's website. She will be busy with it and says she plans to have the Grand Opening by the end of the month. Its so cute, I hope you will all check it out. We are waiting for some feedback on the final draft of Jenn's site and then on to two more. I have been doing some behind the scenes work with a couple of wonderful girls, Jennifer & Natasha, and I can't wait to reveal the things we have been cooking up. I can share this new banner I squeezed in for my pal Kim's blog though. She is so much fun to work for because she just says, "Hey Heather, I am ready for a new banner" and let's me do whatever my heart desires. I know she loves fairies and collects Kirk's Folly so I went with this for this time. She LOVED it so that makes me very happy.
Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been blog hopping much lately. I am afraid to open up my Google reader.. I bet there are 100's of posts to catch up on. I keep missing my OK friends on chat and so wanted to wish Holly a Happy Birthday in "person" yesterday. I guess I got the next best thing though, by having Brian tell her. Happy Birthday Sweetie!! And Donna, I miss you!!!


  1. Good luck with the kindergarten issue. It is times like that that we can never find the paperwowrk we need. I think we just panic and can't think straight. No doubt the paperwork will turn up now you have got your copies.
    Have a wonderful Mother's day

  2. holly abston5/9/08, 7:55 PM

    Hi Heather! Oh my gosh, I can't believe H is reading! She is SO SMART! That's amazing, Heather. Thank you for the birthday wishes. xoxoxo love you!

  3. Hye Hather, I know we've been out of touch for awhile. I just wanted to say hello and let you know I always read your blog and think of you.

    I can't believe miss H is going to be in kindy in a few months! WOW where does the time go?!? Maybe her privaate class could do a split grade say k/1? That's what they do here with low enrollment classes and it means the smart kids are challenged a bit by the higher grade AND the average or slower kids get help from the older kids. It teaches kids social responsibility and cooperations and compassion. Lots of schools here have a policy of only having split grade for this reason. You might want to ask if that's an option...


  4. Hello Heather! I just discovered your blog through reading "Little Melfie's posts . . . I love, love, love your beautiful vintage artwork! I'm sure your kindergarten situation will work out . . . at St. Joseph's in Boise, where I worked before I moved, we had an am and pm kindergarten, and then when there weren't enough kids one year, they just had an am. I loved working with those little ones . . . they are so much fun and I'm trying now to find a parochial school where I can teach--my kids all went to public, but got a terrific education, even when I was worried about things . . . it all came together the way it was supposed to. Take good care and don't stress too much! ~Jann

  5. I remember when we were getting Carlos ready for kinder.....it can be so stressful when the neighborhood options aren't the best. I totally know the stress you're talking about! Even though I know it sounds trite...it will all work out.

    Have a great Mother's Day Heather!!! Rest & relax :)

  6. Karin@creativechaos5/10/08, 11:11 AM

    Wondering who that anonymous person is? It's me. Guess I must have hit the wrong button.....