01 May 2008

May Day

Happy May Day everyone. It looks like a perfectly lovely one here although I haven't been outside yet. The sun is shining and there are few clouds. Hopefully we won't have the wind we had yesterday.. brrr.

I have been plugging away on various projects. Still going pretty strong on the art journaling. I have been trying to use paint more and layers of it. I really need to take a class from someone like Lynne Perrella, to learn all those techniques for adding paint to make all those luscious layers. I am also DYING to take a class from Anahata Katkin. Specifically her personal icons class. Ahh, so much to do, so little time... BUT, today is THE day for those of us sending off registration forms to Teesha for ArtFiberFest. I have mine all filled out and the envelope addresses. Now just to get it to the post office for that all important post mark and then to WAIT.

Speaking of waiting, I had some fabulous news earlier this week and I am dying to share it but like a lot of good news, I have to WAIT to reveal it. Its an exciting but top secret project right now.

Oh and speaking of projects. I have been working on some fun stuff recycling plastic shopping bags. Its hardly original but I am having fun and have some good ideas to add some originality to the idea. My pain "issue" is that I seem to have A LOT of white with red bags (Target, Safeway) and I'd love some other colors! If anyone has a stash of plastic bags they want to get rid of, I'd love to arrange a trade. I am specifically looking for fun colors and patterns. (pink, orange, green, blue) If you have any and are willing to trade I'd be happy to swap for some wallpaper or ATCs or something fun. Just give me a holler!

Happy May Day my friends.


  1. Hi Heather!

    I will collect some colorful bags for you!


  2. your links aren't really working on the right -- what is the spring journal swap?

    i'd love to give you bags, but i mostly have target and safeway, too! LOL

    and i must say AGAIN how much i LOVE this journal page!!!

  3. I'd love to take classes from Lynne and Anahata too, but alas there never are any art retreats here in the midwest - boo hoo!

    No fair! You have my curiosity peaked about your fabulous news - can't wait to hear all about it!

    I'll be on the lookout for colored plastic bags for you, but I really don't recall seeing anything but the standard white and yukky beige around here.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  4. regular grocery bags? I have yellow and blue.

  5. Well who on earth has pretty, colorful plastic bags from stores?? I don't think I've ever seen any. Maybe you should dye your Target bags. HA! How's that for repurposing???
    Now that I think about it Walmart has blue and Dollar General has yellow. Of course I haven't a clue about recycling plastic shopping bags. I'm so out of it.
    Can't wait for you to reveal your big SECRET!!!!!!!! I'm afraid it will be quite a while before you can do it though.

  6. That book page is gorgeous! Love the crackle. :)
    What in the world are you making/doing with plastic bags? Sounds cool!!
    Lynne perrella is my alltime fav artist. I woud LOVE to take a class from her!

  7. Tammy Akervold5/8/08, 6:04 PM

    HI! I have some bags for you if you are interested-- they are silver/grey (1), yellow (bright-2 and pale-6) and blue (2). Email if you're interested,