12 June 2012

Recipe for Preserving Children

Yesterday I was sorting through a big zip lock baggie of old recipe cards that my friend/ co-worker Tracy brought it for me to rummage for my current design project which is a new company cookbook. The recipe cards had belonged to Tracy's grandmother so it was super fun to go thru them since I am such a lover of old paper and ephemera. (which is why I am doing this project!) I was hoping to find some recipes and old cards that I can alter to use in the project and I hit the jackpot!

Not only was it a treasure trove of vintage papers and clippings but I found many garlic themed recipes too. The particularly interesting about this recipe box though, was that Tracy's grandma had also clipped interesting tidbits for gardening, home keeping, etc and included them in her files. 

This particular piece really spoke to me. It was how I grew up and how I strive to raise my own daughter, particularly in this technologically prolific time. So many kids are plopped in front of TVs, game consoles and cell phones, and while our daughter is no exception when it comes to her love of digital goodies, we balance that with a healthy dose of outdoor time.. swimming, jumping, gardening, and playing with her pets...

Recipe for Preserving Children
I hope to see a turn toward these values again during my lifetime. It seems that there are too many kids wasting away, prisoner to "the screen" and life just goes faster and faster. I know that it will be these types of memories that will stick with my daughter as opposed to which video game level she just conquered.


  1. how fun sorting through recipes and housekeeping tips. i love the thought of it. love the "recipe" too. I was just thinking about this today, and thinking how it really is worth the effort to give kids that time to run and imagine and play.

    loved the family pics too, your great grandmother swimming with Charlie Chaplin, too cool!

  2. I love old recipes too and that special 'recipe' for children is unique.
    Can I post it on my Facebook please?
    Di Mancino/Western Australia