28 April 2008

Lots of little bits of this and that going on. Its been HOT.. it was in the mid 80's to 90's this weekend and I was NOT prepared. Felt kind of ill on Sunday after trying to work in the studio on some HGDT projects with a new batch of goodies from Shosh. One of the things she gave me when I dropped by on Saturday was the most recent issue of Somerset Life by Stampington & Co. A couple of weeks ago when it came out Cerri emailed me to say she had seen a piece of mine in it and did I know? I didn't because it was actually a piece within a piece.. sweet Tammy Gilley submitted her day planner inspired by Jenny Doh's in a previous issue and one of the pages that was photographed happens to include my bird postcard. How exciting for both Tammy and myself!

And speaking of Ms Tammy. We have been emailing back and forth about ArtFiberFest. I have been pouring over Teesha's site trying to decide which classes I want to take. Once again I am going to make the trip up to WA and meet up with my gal pal Sharon to make the trip. Even more exciting is that I have convinced Donna to go too! The three of us are going to try to share a house. I am so excited. Now I just need to get my form all filled out and POSTMARKED and mailed on Thursday. Very important!

Ok, I guess that is all the news that is fit to print for now. Its getting late and I keep zoning out.


  1. Love your work and the Somerset Mag too! I order them all, so I can get them early!! LOVE your fabulous blog!! :)mendy

  2. karin@creativechaos5/6/08, 12:22 PM

    Oh man....I'm so jealous!!!!! What fun that will be!

  3. Oh yeah!!! We're going to Artfiberfest. I forgot. Don't let me forget to buy a plane ticket.
    Your card takes over the page doesn't it?? Man, those printers do an awesome job!!!!! I really crack myself up. Yes. I do.

  4. Okay - I love the Robin Williams quote...if only I could come up with clever little sayings like that...I guess I'll have to keep collecting other's quirky 'bits and pieces' until my own tongue takes up some 'wit'!!

    Love the art behind it - so very inpsiring! Debra

  5. Congratulations on getting published again!!!