21 April 2008

busy busy bee

Hi All. I have had a wonderful weekend free of many commitments and I am happy to report that I spent a good portion of it in my studio. (aka Pit of Despair, no the purging has not reached this portion of the house yet) I am pleased to say that I did quite a lot of art including most of my collages for Karla & Beth's Birds & Bonnets swap. I'll share a couple of them at the end of this post so you can see. It was a fun challenge using the provided images and incorporating them into the pieces.

I have also been working on some Hannah Grey Design Team samples. Shosh really challenged me with the things she gave me to create samples with. I have had a couple of failed projects with the Stewart Gill Gilding Chips.. but I have one drying now that will hopefully work out. The other things that I got that made me stop and think was a set of vintage doll pieces of 2 arms and 2 legs. I finally finished my piece which was a but out of the box for me and I am really pleased with it. It is a little shrine piece entitled "Layers of Me".. the base is a wooden house block from Cerri at Little Pink Studio and it has layers of vintage papers, a vintage doll house window and the doll pieces from Hannah Grey all attached with beeswax. It smells good too!

Finally, I have also been burning up the laptop with design work. Brian and I are putting the finishing touches on Cerri's website and I have been doing odds and ends in between web tweaks. One of the things I squeezed in was a new post card for sweet Vicki to take with her as a swap for Art & Soul. That is the eye candy up top of this post. I used a collaged piece she did and embellished it with some swirls and butterflies and other goodies. Can't wait to see them all printed up.. I love all the colors that she used in her collage.

Here are a couple of my swap collages:


  1. super cute stuff today!!
    love all your bird swap panels.

  2. Lots of pretty creations in your post today.
    Love the collages for Beth and Karlas Swap

  3. hi heather !! lovely stuff - so cerri is going to have a website !!! how cool !! take care,

  4. very nice as usual, miss h!!

  5. love all your samples. I am dying to try bees wax!

  6. Oooh - what beautiful things you have made! Anything with birds on it is great to me!

  7. I'm so excited to get started on my swap pages. Yours are lovely!!! Your stuff is always great. You have great style.

  8. holly abston4/24/08, 7:25 AM

    Heather...your work is stellar as usual. The house box with the baby doll parts...WOW. Also, I LOVE the panel you did with the yellow wallpaper and the bird! And the postcard rocks. xo

  9. LOve your swap collages.


  10. karin (creativechaos)4/25/08, 4:36 PM

    I love all your new work....I really love the house.....

  11. Love all the stuff you've been makin'. That house is spectacular. Maybe you should spend a little more time outside your box.

  12. heather
    your birds and bonnets panels are fantastic!!
    i also love the use of the beeswax - i would love to try using it some day!!
    have a great week

  13. Love the collage!! I always enjoy visiting your blog.


  14. I cna't wait to see the Birds and Bonnets panels in person! Those are wonderful

  15. I'm marveling over how many are already done! My motto is why mail today when you can pay three times the amount to get it there on time tomorrow?