27 May 2008

frump, bump, lump

Ugh, I have been feeling like a bump on a log lately. That is a term my Mom used to use when we were growing up if she caught us just sitting around. We were never allowed to be bored or idle. I have her to thank for my perpetual state of motion. I have never seen someone work so hard in my life. She is one busy woman. I think it kind of drives my husband crazy that i don't seem to be able to sit still much or not multi-task.

Anyway, I have been trying to slow down a little since Hannah graduated last week. Unfortunately the pictures I took did not turn out very well as it was too dark and she was too far away. I think I have some images of her and a couple of her little friends enjoying a last few minutes on their beloved teacher's lap at the picnic which was a nice success.

Since school is out I have been busy on my computer finishing up Jennifer's new blog banner and cards. Jennifer and her artwork are so sweet and I thought her banner needed to reflect that. We both had the inspiration to use her signature candy necklaces as the border at about the same time. In addition we got to work with the uber talented Natasha to collaborate on a signature bunny which she painted for Jen's logo. It just all fell together so nicely and it was an easy job because we were both thinking the same things. I love clients like her who are so easy and excited. Thank you Jen!

I am finishing up some little doo dads for both Jen and Natasha currently and I have a couple of clients waiting in the wings. To be honest I am ready for a vacation but we don't have anything planned until July 4th weekend. I'll just have to balance work and play for a little while.
** To those of you who have emailed me to see if the fire affected us, it was about 20 miles away and is largely (85%) contained today. We were blessed with some cool, wet weather that helped the firefighters gain the upper hand over the weekend. It hasn't smelled very smoky here the last couple of days so I think its well under way to being put out. We're ok, but please send prayers for the 36 families who have lost their homes.**


  1. You did such an amazing job of Jenn's blog Heather!!! This was such a fun one wasn't it! xo

  2. Jenns blog banner is beautiful!!
    wonderful job!
    Ive always liked all the work ive seen you do. One day ill have you do something for me.

  3. they are both darling!!
    you do such a great job.

  4. Tammy Akervold5/29/08, 6:25 PM

    Hi Heather! I didn't realize that you live in Central CA...I was born and raised in Santa Cruz Co. I haven't lived there for about 12 years now, and I miss it terribly sometimes! I'm glad you weren't affected by the fires!
    Love, Tammy

  5. I'm so glad that the fires didn't get too close to you!
    I can't wait 'till the end of school here!! (4 more weeks!)Of course, I don't have a little one to entertain. Although I just found out that my stepson is coming to visit for 4 weeks. He's 17. Woo Hoo.

  6. Jenn's blog looks great. Wonderful work, as always!

  7. I absolutely loved that blog banner! Awesome job!

  8. Heather ~ I didn't realize you lived in California either ~ I spent time every summer at Mount Hermon ~ I just love love it there ~ it is gorgeous !!!
    I am glad that you were safe !

  9. This topper is just awesome.

  10. That banner is so great, I love the candy necklace border~

  11. ~*Heather*~
    I LOVE the banner!
    It is SO adorable!!!

    To help get you out of your zine rut, I will volunteer to help you with ~*7*~ pages.
    What do you say?


  12. holly abston6/12/08, 10:47 PM

    As usual, your work is beautiful and perfectly reflects your client.