14 August 2011

Hunt & Gather

"Overwhelmingly cool"
That's how I'd have to describe my visit in Hunt & Gather in Minneapolis. We visited after our painting and lunch adventure with my SIL. I learned about Hunt & Gather years ago when I was an avid viewer of the now retired Trash to Treasure on HGTV.

I tried to get a bunch of pictures but the lighting was wacky. I did the best I could to give you all an idea of what the shop is like but its just impossible to describe it or share how cool it is without actually visiting in person. Be sure to click the mosaic above to see the larger pictures. I can tell you there was TONS of cool stuff and I wanted to bring so much of it home. Too bad we weren't driving! Check out the cool lockers!! and the fab glider that would have been SO CUTE on my porch. Alas, no room and a shortage of "B"s this round so all I came away with was a little coin purse for myself and one for Hannah plus a bunch of cool pictures and a few ideas. I will be toting along an extra suitcase next year for sure!


  1. First I love the lockers I know you said you couldn't bring them home but I hope you brought your daughter home...lot of eye candy awesome... and I to LOVE "trash to treasure"...thanks for sharing & congrats again on your new job.. Have a honey of day ~ Marlene

  2. Fun "stuff". I love the glass balls and plants, however the doll head and parts freak me out!

  3. whoa!! what a cool store! i really love the lockers.. :)

  4. How do I not know about these places??! I live in MN...in the burbs of Mpls. Seriously! What is wrong with me.