12 August 2011

Simply Jane

Hey All, we are back from our trip. It was GREAT. We had so much fun visiting friends and family. Tons of adventures and memories that will last a long time. We were glad to sleep in our own beds last night though, and to see Greg. He was missed while on his own adventure.

I maintained my goal to take lots of pictures while on vacation, however I got bogged down in the editing and therefore I didn't have as many to share along the way. I have been plugging away slowly but surely and I have some ready to share. I am jumping to the end of our trip here and in the next couple of posts though. We spent the end of the trip visiting Greg's BIL & SIL in St Paul. It was great to see our niece who was in the Netherlands when we were back there in January. She has grown into a beautiful and incredible young woman. 

Anyway, the full day that we were there we took off on an adventure with my sweet sister in law, Karen. A few weeks ago she had read about this artist studio place that a friend of hers from high school had opened in Minneapolis so we thought it'd be fun to check it out. 

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The name of the studio is Simply Jane. It is a working artist studio where you can take classes, summer camp, etc or just drop in and paint. They have all kinds of blank goods as well as outlines you can paint. Similar to those paint your own pottery places. We all chose pre-drawn canvases for the sake of time and got down to painting. The place was so inspiring which tons of fun artwork and color everywhere. The cups and cups of paintbrushes and the paint covered tables made me swoon. Above you can see some shots I took during out time spent there. Hannah painted the cat, Karen the dragon and I painted the birds. I wish there was a place like it near us, I think we'd spend a lot of time playing there. If you are in Minneapolis or close by, I encourage you to check it out. Stay tuned tomorrow when I share more of this fun day out...

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  1. Happy for you....you had fun, awesome. Well deserved, xo