13 August 2011

Wise Acre

After playing at Simply Jane, we headed next door to Wise Acre on the recommendation of the woman working at the studio.

Wise Acre is the companion cafe to their farm in Northern MN and all the food is fresh and sustainable.

The eatery is housed in an old gas station that had most previously been Liberty Custard. The use of the architecture was very cool. As you can see, the decor is eclectic and interesting. The walls were covered with succulents with funky light fixtures and cool art. Hard to describe it all..

The food was YUMMY. I had the bacon and brie burger pictured above and my SIL had a sandwich which is shown as it was delivered on a cookie sheet with parchment and a ball jar of slaw. She tried the freshly made watermelon cucumber soda as well and enjoyed it. It appears the place is doing well as it was full when we got to the studio and then again when we went to eat lunch later. It always makes me happy to see small businesses thriving. :)

As an added bonus, we befriended the girl and her Mom shown above. They were painting at the table next to us and we ended up sharing a table with them at lunch. "S" is the same age as Han and they had so much in common. After lunch we exchanged addresses so the girls could be pen pals....

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  1. The food sounds delish...and a sweet time had by all, can't ask for more than that, huh?