15 August 2011

A Fish Tale

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One of the fun things we did in MN was to go fishing on Pam's "new" boat. Before we got there she had signed up for a sunfish tournament and we had decided to take the kids out early they could get the being bored over with and then could go home during the tourney. Uncle Joe had no sooner baited a line for one kid and started on the next when the fish started biting. It was all he and Pam could do to keep up with removing fish and baiting hooks. 

Unfortunately, as you can see in some of the pix above (taken over 2 days) the skies were gray and a storm moved in. We continued fishing even when the rain it but it got worse and worse with much thunder and lightening. The kids were starting to get a bit frightened so we decided it was time to head back. Joe went to start the boat and we discovered the battery was dead! As the thunder and lightening grew nearer and the kids grew more scared, Pam and Joe started trying to paddle the boat back to the dock as we furiously tried to wave another boat down.

I called Vicki from my cell phone and she tried to find someone to come out and get us and ended up calling the Sheriff's Dept. Finally someone spotted us and came to our rescue. After towing us in, we noticed he had a tourney flag in his boat and asked if we had caused him to miss the start. He let us know that due to the weather and another expected storm they had cancelled the tournament. He had been leaving the lake when he spotted us. Thank goodness!

We were finally able to get the boat out. Vicki called off the sheriff and we headed home to dry off and eat the yummy chicken noodle soup Vicki had made for us. Since the rest of the day was wet and dreary I decided to occupy myself by baking bread and Han made a yummy batch of carrot cake cupcakes. 

The next day we spotted sun and head back out for a fishing redo. We KEPT 30 fish that day and tossed back equally as many. I used to think that I wasn't into fishing but I really enjoyed myself and it was so fun to see the little catch her first fish and the excitement in her eyes as she reeled it in. I am already looking forward to next year... just hope Greg goes with us.

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