09 March 2010

Broken, but empowered

As some of you may have guessed by my irregular posting, I have been dealing with a little bit of SAD but I saw my doctor, and we tweaked my meds and I am back on the horse. Part of the thing that has me feeling better, I think is the constant source of projects going on in my life right now.

Some of our BFFs are planning on relocating to MN which has us majorly bummed but since Greg is originally from MN we figure we will have the opportunity to visit with fair regularity. They have decided to sell their house so we have been helping primp it up to place on the market. What had started out as simple painting on my part has blossomed into all kinds of projects from basic carpentry t basic electrical. I am feeling empowered and less afraid of power tools.

I think these newly acquired skills and the new confidence will serve me well when we go back to working on our house and garage/ studio project which is slated to start after we finish here We have traded sweat for sweat in hopes of gaining equity all around.

I am longing for some studio time. I haven't even glanced at my journal, paper stash or sewing machine in over a month. My creativity has had to be expressed in the form of spackle and house paint :) Which is kind of fun but quickly losing its appeal.

I feel weird not posting a picture here but I am supervising the tile crew at our friends while everyone is off at the storage unit and the umpeenth visit to Home depot.. I hope to have some artsy things to share soon/ What are you working on??


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better- depression is a constant struggle- one I am very familiar with!! oxox Maija

  2. Good to see you back amd doing better,
    Hope you get some studio time real soon

  3. it's been a tough time for me too lately...i just keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass." i pulled out my claudine hellmuth paints this weekend to get the creative joy going.

  4. the last creative hour I had was at artfest! My studio looks like a hurricane went through it. ;) came home and got back on the hamster wheel of work. But it will all be okay ;) For you, for me. We will see our studios again very very soon! xoxo