31 March 2010

looking for a spring for my step

We just returned from a family trip to the snow. It was the little's first time to see real snow and I think she really enjoyed herself. We had fun tossing snowballs and sledding one day and then snow shoeing the next day. It was a great break from the craziness that has been going on at home. Unfortunately, on top of that craziness both little H and I have been very sick. Its a terrible allergy year (already) here in Central CA and as asthmatics, we both got really bad and developed pneumonia. Apparently ALOT of people have been getting it. We both are knee deep in inhalers and antibiotics and tissues. I am starting to feel a little better but the poor little person is coughing so much. She has an amazing amount of vim and vigor for such a serious diagnoses. I am glad that Spring Break starts Friday and she will have time to rest.

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip. Hannah and her bunnies by a wall of snow at Bear Valley and then my brother, Mom and her newest "grand baby" Nuala. She is the CUTEST!! and such a sweet disposition. They are talking about possibly breeding her (she is a French Bulldog) some time in the future and I am hoping if they do we might be able to get a pupper. She is currently only 4 months old but she is a winner for sure.

So that is about it.. no art, nothing else exciting to share. Just trying to get and stay healthy and meet Spring with a little spring in my step.


  1. Heather, it sounds like you all had fun playing in the snow...your little is getting big:) love the puppy...so cute!!!

  2. ps: feel better over there soon!!!

  3. Take care of yourself, H! I hope that you're feeling better.

  4. That photo of Hannah with her bunnies is too cute!!!

  5. Are you still doing a submission of the journals? I remember there was a deadline of 4/15- can I still make it? What's the addy to send it to if you are still doing it? You can email me privately at maijalepore@me.com

  6. Hi Heather hope all is well, it has been a long time since your last post.

  7. Your blog has been listed in the Arts and Crafts Category of the Blog Guidebook.

    We hope you'll visit us!

  8. You look so much enjoyed in your family trip. I trust you are all well now. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos.