23 February 2010


Its not the greatest, but here is my first video using my new Valentine's Day FLIP from y DH. Yay, thanks honey.
Anyway, all the cool gals on my Remains of the Day Journal Yahoo Group have been making them to show off the cool pages which are really the cool part of these journals. Stay tuned for my daughter's video which we shot today and I am in the process of editing.. heehee so cute if I do say so myself. Enjoy...


  1. I love your journal!!!
    I'm struggling with how to make my flip work with my mac.... I plugged the flip into the usb port, but know what?!?!?!?!?! oxox

  2. okay i love this. seriously. such a beautiful book. and i wish i could invite myself over right now as hearing your voice made me miss you!! i think i might need to take this class...

    hope the sun is shining in your world.

    (and hope you continue making videos!! love this!)


  3. OH WOW Heather! What an awesome journal!!

  4. the video icool , you did a great job on it and i SO LOVE the journal, i just signed up for her class...love your material you used..i just love it all...xox

  5. I Love your journal and the video! Good job with the flip! I've been thinking of taking her class. Looks like you had a productive time!

  6. Your book is great, H! and it's so nice to hear your voice again -- almost like you're here. I miss you!

  7. Hi there, I just came across your blog by chance and watched your video....I love handmade journals...and the papers you've used here are scrumtious! I make my own journals too..and there is nothing better than getting to the part where you can fill them with art! right!!!

    anyhow...i don't notice a follow button here on your site...do you have one? I'd like to follow...
    for now I'll invite you back to my site to come and have a look...I'm actually having a small giveaway...it ends tomorrow night!

    hope to see you soon..
    ciao bella

  8. I love it! Looking forward to more videos lady! Hugs!

  9. Really enjoyed watching your video and just LOVED your journal and what was inside already - absolutely fabulous!!