18 June 2008

my sweet sicky girl

I am feeling like a bad Mom lately. Despite everything we have been doing this little person keeps getting sick, sick, sick.

I didn't blog about it before but shortly before we went to Disneyland (which was very fun, BTW) Han was diagnosed with mild pneumonia. She had fluid in her left lung and was put on a course of antibiotics and regular inhaler use. The doctor feels that this very well could have been her asthma exacerbated by the smoke from the first fire near us. Since then there have been two additional fires that are close enough to blow smoke into our area. The past few days have sent a fair amount of brownish air into our area so I have been trying to be diligent with the inhalers for us both. She is getting pretty tired of it all, let me tell you.

Fast forward to today, or actually yesterday when Hannah was kind of complaining about her ear hurting. I gave her some kid Tylenol but last night she woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain. I took her back to her wonderful pediatrician today to learn that she has a double ear infection. She has an outer ear infection, aka "swimmer's ear" in her right ear and a middle ear in her left ear. BACK on another course of antibiotics and no swimming lessons the rest of the week. I joked with her that she'd do anything to get out of going to swimming lessons. Not that any of this is intensional I know. I also know that its not my fault and these kinds of things happen to little kids so unless I lock her indoors with an air filter and a can of disinfectant she is going to get sick. I just feel bad, she can't catch a break this year it seems.
Sorry to whine but I just worry because I love her so much and I want her to be ok.


  1. You're not whining, heather. You're a concerned, loving mom who is worried about her daughter. I didn't know she had pneumonia! Man. She really can't catcha break! But you know, my kiddos go through times like that too. Remember when mine were so so sick a few months ago, over and over? She'll be OK. She's got you watching out for her! xo

  2. Oh Heather! Im soo sorry to hear about your sweet Hannah! Bless her little heart! Im sure she will get over all of this in due time. When your immune is down it's quite easy to go from one illness to another. I'll say a little prayer for her and for you too Mommy. :)

  3. Try less dairy for the ear infections and asthma.

    No micorwave popcorn...the butter flavoring causes your broncial tubes to close up.

    Oh and since she has taken two courses of Antibiotics...make sure you give her a probiotic. Most people say Yogurt..but I say get a good one from a health food store.

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. One year I was in the hospital with my daughter every three months!

    I'll keep your Hannah in my prayers.

    Pink Portuguese Roses

  4. Oh Heather,
    I can not think of much worse than our worry for our children. Are they not unlike our hearts running about. We watching every step. You are a strong and loving Mom and your beautiful little girl loves you and sees this.
    Warm Hugs,
    p.s. Heather, thank you for the alert about*77 ANd I hoe that you have some beautiful roses or vines that you can grow at your home..hmm, i better check out for any pictures of your garden!:)

  5. Oh sounds so much like my oldest girl. It seems that we lived at our pediatrician's office for several years. The good news is that she rarely has any problems with asthma now that she's older.
    Hope the illness didn't put too much of a damper on your vacation.


    P.S. Hope your friend is okay.

  6. karin@creativechaos6/24/08, 8:26 AM

    aaawwwww give a hug for me and an extra one from ceo......not a whiner. a mom! poor little thing...but I'm sure the smoke has something to do with it. When we had all those fire down here they were saying even though you couldn't see it in the air the particles were there and really affect the lungs and breathing.