13 June 2008

smoke gets in your eye

Oh my, we are kind of surrounded by big fires and its been very windy today. A little while ago I went outside and the sky was a weird orangey-brown color. No wonder my throat is constricted and sore and my eyes burning. I took some pictures of the weird sky color and semi-obscured sun from our back yard. Now would you want to breathing that?? We have been using our inhalers regularly!

In other news, I talked to Karin today. I think we could have talked for hours and just chatted, and gossiped and laughed. We are meeting up for lunch tomorrow with the kidlets. I am really looking forward to it and to meeting her SIL the CEO of Chaos Industries himself. I will take along my camera and try to get at least a couple of pix of us together.. just Karin & Jed, 2gether 4ever.

Finally, I meant to post these pix the other day. Sweet Donna of Under the Red Roof sent me some fabulous treats from her studio and etsy shop as a little pick me up. Donna is more of a vintage hoarder collector thank I am. Her taste is fabulous and I was delighted to see all these treats waiting for me when we got home from LA. Check out the adorable notebook she made for me with vintage ephemera and wallpaper. She also sent a bunch of vintage labels of various kinds, a bag of the FAB vintage Swarovski flatbacks she sells and a packet of her amazing flocked wallpapers. These will be fun to use in projects.


  1. Wow I am sure glad we don't have the smoke our way, it seems like the fires are always in my neck of the woods, Thousand Oaks North of the San Fernando Valley. You take care in that dreadful smoke filled air.
    Hugs, Diane

  2. That Donna, she is so nice!! Well, she is as nice as you are!!! You two are the best!!

    Hey, I love, love, love your new banner!

    You are a genius!

  3. I just love your new banner! Very Pretty!

    Sorry about the fires. I'd say you could come see me...but it looks like you have other plans...LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Pink Portuguese Roses

  4. Did you have fun? One day I think we will go. And yep, Donna does do the best goodies does'nt she. I know Karin must be as sweet as she seems. I hope you guys have a blast.


  5. hey cutie -
    I love your new banner - darling!!!!!
    that's a lot of smoke - fires are so darn scary.

  6. So happy to hear that you are feeling better and more focused. Have a fun time with Karin and the kids...you two should have a blast together! What a sweetie that Donna is ~ leave it to her to send you such a wonderful pick-me-up!!!

  7. Hope you are safe! Love your blog!
    Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

  8. Oh I'm loving your new banner, Heather!

  9. Yeah, the smoke made the sky look like armageddon was coming. I couldn't believe the layer of ash on everything the next morning. I hosed off my car before going to work.