19 June 2008


I am melting.. quite literally, if that is possible.

A couple of weeks ago the fan went out on my car AC and it hasn't been so bad but then it wasn't 102˚! I took her in today and it took the guys about 3 hours to figure out that some doohickey had gone bad. Of course they didn't have one in stock and won't get it until Monday and what is the forecast for the next two days? Up to 105˚ ! Ugh! Thank goodness we have the pool replaced and filled up but still.. even after leaving the AC on today it was hot to come home to and I have the kinds of headache that sticks with ya. We're supposed to go out tomorrow to Gizdich Ranch with some friends but hmm, I dunno.

I am more tempted to stay in and sew with my scraps... I am trying to figure out how many blocks total I need to make a certain size quilt. Math is not my strong point at all. I am enjoying to just plugging along on the block making anyway.

I still have all kinds of scraps so if anyone is interested, I love to do some kind of swap Just give me a holler.

PS Thanks to you guys for the Mommy support. Its so hard and sad to see your baby sick. I know she isn't nearly as bad as could be but she hasn't managed to catch a break this year. I appreciate your comments and suggestions so much. xoxo

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