20 June 2008

prayers please

For those of you that pray, or send out positive thoughts, please send some prayers this way. My oldest BFF lives in the immediate area of the most current big CA fire which called the Trabing Fire. I imagine she has been evacuated but I have not been able to contact her to see if she is ok and if they have gotten their pets out. The temperatures are 100+ here and expected thru the weekend and we are having terrible winds so the situation is terrible. I hope everyone will remember my friend and her husband and the others affected by these fires in their prayers tonight.

(update: I finally got hold of Taryn and she is safe. She abandoned her car and hiked to the house to get her dog and cat. She was safe at her sister in laws with her husband but her car has been impounded and the fire had come up to their property line. Still no word if the house made it or not. Still waiting for news. )
Thank you!!


  1. Sending out my prayers and thoughts. I pray that everyone will be safe.

  2. i saw the news coverage and i instantly thought of your old BFF also. i will think positive thoughtsand hope for the best.

  3. sending positive thoughts and prayers your way !!
    i understand the heat living in arizona !!

  4. How wonderful that your friend Taryn is safe. Hope the house survived

  5. I've been catching up on your blog today. Sorry to hear about your friend and her house. I hope it survives the fires. Sorry to hear your little one keeps getting sick. We've had a bit of that here. I hate summer colds. Your latest sewing projects are just beautiful, so full of vibrant color! I really need to pull out all my fabrics and make something. I usually just look at and pet them. lol Chin up, thinking about you.