01 December 2007

I am not sure what the hold up has been, my friend Beth got her issue 2 weeks ago and I just got mine today! Anyway, this is the latest issue of Somerset Memories ( formerly Legacy) in which a piece of my artwork appears in an article entitles Faux Family Album by my sweet girl friend Laura. I struggled with this piece because I was at a point where I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone, so, inspired by the fabulous Marilyn I just started painting on the ONE piece of old album paper we were supplied with for the project. I am not sure what I was thinking.. well I guess I wasn't, which was kind of the point. Anyway, I wasn't very happy with it at first but it grew on me and apparently it was unique enough for the editor at Memories to choose it too...
BTW I had to borrow this image from Beth, since I misplaced my camera. One of the things about my "newer" Canon is that it is wee, and therefore, apparently easy to misplace.
In addition to not being able to take pix of the magazine myself, I wanted to post more sneakie peekies of the last of the 12 Days packages before they go out on Monday morning. I am not feeling very optimistic about finding it in time but I guess I should think positively. I have also decided that as handy as that little camera is, I have outgrown it so as soon as I get paid for a couple of invoices I am waiting on I am going to purchase a "big girl" camera as a Christmas gift to myself... I have been coveting a new Canon ( yes a theme...) and have decided on this:
A Canon EOS Digital Rebel xt
The lenses can be changed so as I learn and grow more proficient I can upgrade and shoot with the same body. I have found a really good deal so I hope to be able to order it soon.

OK, enough rambling.. since my post is light on eye candy I will share my latest batch of Flickr favorites here:
Dec Favs
Good nite!!


  1. Congratulations on your piece making it into "Memories." And they have it turned the correct way too! Oh the pics you'll be able to take with that new camera that's on your wishlist. My daughter has an older version of it and loves it! I like your new holiday banner too.

  2. Heather, congratulations on your piece being published in "memories" is yours the one on the bottom right? i think it is {eyes are very bad this morning}...it is just adorable!!!

  3. can't wait to go get my copy!

  4. THe album looks great-can't wait to get my copy. :)

  5. Love your new Christmas banner!!!!! Totally gorgeous!!

    So glad your piece is in the mag!!! It is a masterpiece in my opinion, and that is so cool that you were trying something different!! Genius! I need to try something a la Marilyn myself!

  6. Congrats on being published!!!
    That camera is on my wishlist too!!!
    ( P.S. LOVE your new banner!!!)

  7. Big congrats on the publication. It looks gorgeous!

  8. Hi Heather...I am looking at new cameras and wondering why you chose the xt over the xti? THanks

  9. Your piece looked great in the mag!!! And it was on the first page of the article. GO Laura for being so ambitious with that project!

  10. Congratulations on publishing in "Memories."

    Is your Art on the bottom right?