03 December 2007

short n sweet

I borrowed my Mom's camera today for some "work" stuff and since I had it I updated the 12 Days blog and took some other pictures of things I wanted to share. With a migraine looming I am only sharing this today. Its a darling little wall hanging m friend Karin sent me. I love it!!! Thank you sweet friend!!


  1. Oh gosh that is adorable!! Karin is fabulous isn't she?!

  2. what a wonderful gift from Karin:) love how your blog looks right now, great holiday banner!!!

  3. WOW...I can't believe what's going on with Somerset and why it took forever for some to get their copy of it !! YIKES !!
    The flickr pics are FABULOUS !!
    And that looming migraine you mentioned...I was out ALL day Saturday with one. The worst one I've had in a long time !!!!
    And the S.A.D. that I don't think I have that bad, hit me like a rock yesterday !!! I think you and I need a vacation to help with all of our issues...a week at a spa just might do the trick !

  4. so sweet!
    feel better!

  5. PS. love the new banner. Haven't been over here in a little while I guess.