06 December 2007

one about Etsy...

For the holidays, have made it a goal to shop Indie as much as possible this year. Fortunately, with resources like Trunkt and Etsy it has been quite easy to find custom and unique gifts and supplies for making gifts. I am feeling pretty good about my choices and I am hoping my family and friends like the things I have chosen. As I browse and shop thru these sites and stumble across gifted artists on Flickr its is hard to retrain myself in purchasing gifts for *myself*, but it doesn't stop me from adding things to my wishlist and sharing my fab finds with my bloggy friends every so often. So, in the spirit of holiday shopping, here is a new list of Fab Finds on my SWOON list...

From top right going clockwise:
  • Adorable CROWN pin from Cerri at The Little Pink Studio- an a princess ever have too many?
  • Sweet pink shaker of silver glass glitter from LoveJoleen- its pink! its wee! Its shakes glass glitter.. need I say more?
  • Messengers of Peace by Moth to a Flame Studio- beautiful...
  • "Duet" print by Cathy Nichols
  • "Queen" pendant by the fabulous Ms Mod of Dollface Design
  • Green Button Bracelet by Anakukuchek
  • "Affirmatif en Vert" necklace by Bombalurina- things always sound so much more romantic in French.
  • Gorgeous old stock cabachons from HannahGrey Limited Editions- check out the collage packs!!
  • "fresh foliage" pendant by Gamiworks- I love green!
  • the amazing handmade fabric Christmas Trees and birds from xtmoveis- I need to win the lottery!
  • "Coffee Queen" handmade tile from Tilesmile
  • "Goodness Gracious" mixed media painting by my friend at CitrusFaire- it still hasn't sold.. it must be a sign :)
so this is just a small selection of the fabulousness that is Etsy and things I love. Maybe if I have time I will do another list because I could just go on and on. I have some things I have been needing to list in MY shop but I have been unmotivated and busy. I DID list some great vintage wallpaper rolls last week and forgot to mention it. If you want to check them out, they are HERE.

Oh, a quick PS.. I found my camera!! Yay... more goodness coming soon. :)


  1. You can shop for me anytime! Great stuff!

  2. i know what you mean about refraining from ordering stuff for myself!! I used etsy for quite a few things!

  3. Good for you shopping Indie. I think the fabric trees are a good 'green' substitute for real trees.I feel terrible when they are in trash after Xmas!

  4. thanks for the examples, it was fun to go look!

  5. What great finds! Etsy is fantastic.... I have such a hard time not shopping just for myself though!!! :)
    Happy Saturday!