27 November 2007


OK, maybe not really flaky.. but feeling flaky about my lack of regular blogging. Its just been insane here and I am battling the onset of SAD which I had HOPED I would skip this year due to new meds but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have pictures in my camera that I want to share but I am pleading lateness in my defense tonight.. instead I will share my recent online onsession and time waster....


If you make a flake (or several) post them to your blog and leave a comment. I feel like givin' something else away! Not sure what yet.. but I'm cleaning out the studio.. it might be good!!


  1. oh I hear the "sad" I live in NY and work right near the famous "tree" tonight is the lighting and I feel blue. We should be happy and reading your blog making 5 snowflakes already is helping me laugh and enjoy so Thank You! here is 1 of my flakes..http://snowflakes.lookandfeel.com/viewflake.php?id=15667470 (cut and paste) Hugz Grace P

  2. Hi Heather! Hope you are feeling well!!

    This has been the first time I've been out visiting blogging friends in a while! The lack of time is frustrating! I'm missing out on so much crafty holiday goodness!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday season!!!


  3. I totally understand the "SAD" situation. I live in Washington and here it is pretty gray from Mid September to May. Blogging is a great way to connect with other artists...and I often feel flaky for not posting, but I think everyone in the community understands. Wishing you a little peace and joy this holiday season.

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling the effects of "SAD." (I wonder if that could be my problem too?) It is cold and grey here, which doesn't help much. But I did try your Make-a-Flake site and I'm not sure how, but I made a flake that turned out looking not too bad! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. hi Heather! I think I'm having my own winter blues right now so I empathize. But making a snowflake helped!!!!



  6. Ooo this is so much fun! I think I'm addicted! I'm at work so I can't post any right now - in fact I better stop making them LOL! I'm sorry you feel sad. I know what you mean. This is a tough time of year. So much to do and so much holiday cheer in your face.

  7. I've experienced the "sad" before and it sucks!
    Come and visit me in sunny Arizona and I'll take all your blues away!

  8. You know, I think that's been my thing too lately. It's been getting colder and the sun sets earlier (I hate the time change). Makes it harder to get off the couch and do anything. Stupid SAD! But I made a snowflake. I'll post it on my blog later. Check out my blog where you can make your own virutal gingerbread house!

  9. well, sorry for the SAD- can you get one of those lights? Otherwise, sounds like some traveling to a warm, suuny place is in order!

    The flake thing was fun, but I can't fo=igure out how to post it. I'll keep trying! Enter me in your giveaway!!

  10. I just got a heafty dose of the blues today and almost up and cryed in public. I think it hits me harder this year cause Sugar brings me down and I tend to snack on more this holiday with egg nog, cocktails and baking.

    Thanks for the idea on the flakes, I think I'll try a few with my toddler today!

    P.s. I still owe you a crown and have not forgotten.

  11. Oh honey, come see me in Phoenix where it is sunny almost every day! Since I moved here from the East Coast, I haven't had and problems with SAD. That's the upside of living in 115 degree heat all summer!

  12. Hey beautiful girl!
    First time on your blog. i can't believe it becuase I have been loving all your work allover the place. If I didn't alrerady have a girl working on my web/logos etc... I would soooo have YOU do it!!!!
    anyways...Think sunny thoughts & know your loved by so many!!!! so you'll get sad & blue & it stinks... but it will end & just know your not alone & use this time to bring out "DIFFERENT ART"....whatever that may be. a diff. side to your art. so instead of it bringing you down, use it??? If I could only follow my own advice. : )
    I lived in "dreary Erie" (thats what everyone called it.
    I lived right on the lake. LAKE ERIE, PA. SNOW BELT. we took our childrent o school in blizzards where you couldn't see & had to dodge snow drifts in the road. HERE in South carolina.. they close down the city practically if they get a few flakes. its blows me away. my girls wore the rainbow(flipflops) in winter cause it was cool to them. everyone else was bundled up.
    so i hear you with the SAD thing. One of the reasons we moved.
    being in the gloomy season that lasted too long & being a stay at home mommy & no relatives around... we moved here for SUNNY weather & relatives close by.
    I LOVE IT! but I must have that seasonal thing too. when it gets dark & gloomy so do I. even here. SOOOO I must get those lights, & cheer up my surroundings & think positive! I'll be thinking of you when im sad! : ) haha
    I wish you all the best!
    Your too sweet!

  13. so sorry that was so long : )

  14. Yes - I, too, am feeling SAD... the snowflake maker rocks! I also found that Santa Bowling takes my blues away... check it out!


    I've posted one of my flakes on my blog... I'm addicted! Jamie V

  15. Heather, i am sorry to hear you are battling with SAD in spite of your new meds...i know that is really rough...usually at the first sign of the leaves changing i start to feel like i am going to crawl out of my skin or lose it any minute...hasn't happened this year so far, maybe because i have been so busy...not sure...sending hugs to you and i hope you are feeling better soon:)

  16. I grew up in Portland and I worked at a health club that had an aroma therapy/light therapy room. It really did wonders for me. Maybe you could look into something like that to help?

  17. Thanks for sharing. This was fun, even more fun once I got the hang of the scissors. My first few attemps were grade school all over again.

  18. Hi Heather
    Hope snowflakes make you feel better. I did these last year. Unfortunately, there is no way to link to the snowflakes you made. If you want to see mine you can type my name in (Nerissa) & location (Dover). They're really fun to make, so enjoy!

  19. http://snowflakes.lookandfeel.com/viewflake.php?id=15740680
    this is my snowflake
    (looks more like a star ;-)

  20. Hi Heather,
    Well I'm trying to catch up too and I'm probably flakier than you!! At least you've posted since last month, ha!

    You know, in the NW there's alot of SAD. I've decided to start tanning (fake and baking) again during the winter and it really does rejuvinate my moods!

  21. I made a flake or two...it was not so easy...i was number 15819988 and I will post it to my blog