23 November 2007

ho ho ho

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over I can allow some Christmas into my life. Having been in retail for MANY years I got SO BURNT out on Christmas that I barely wanted to celebrate. Its still very difficult for me to see Christmas decorations out so early.. before Halloween?! Ack! Our official launch date for Christmas is my store was ALWAYS the day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday. We would start setting up some decorations and displays that week with our big unveiling always on Friday which is when I'd let employees and my Mom start playing Christmas music in the store too. I can't tell you how many customers appreciated the wait.. they thanked us for showing restraint and allowing fall to be fall without the glitter and shine of the holidays. Even after closing my store 4 years ago to be a mama I have always waited to get the Christmas boxes down.

This year I caved a little bit early when I I found some holiday decorations that I HAD to have early on. Nothing is out yet but I have slowly been collecting little bits. Now I feel ready to go whole hog. I received this darling, mica coated stocking decoration today from sweet Jeanne as a hostess gift for the 12 Days to Christmas swap we have going on. It will be cute with the other things I have been gathering like this silvered and tarnished hurricane. Silver is to be a heavy hitter this year and I hope I can work in more pink too. Today I also received the the fabulous Sugar Shack kits I ordered from Holly. I can't wait to work on them. Finding the free time is going to be the challenge... (sigh)

Anyway, I am not really sure what the point of this post is. Its late and I am rambling. Guess I should make it worth while for those of you hanging in there til the end. Here is a little bit of eye candy that showed up in my mailbox today courtesy of Tammy Gilley.


  1. oooh, lots of cuties today...stocking and birdie are SO cute!!!

  2. Hey there Heather!
    I got the fabulous Christmas cards in the mail! They are awesome. Look even better then I thought they would and of course I thought they would look great! Now I just need the time go work on getting them out! LOL. I completed my bell kit this weekend. Just need to get some photos. I too just received my sugar shack and am trying to figure out when I can work on it!

  3. Oh Gossh! I feel the same way, I have been a gift buyer for years and in retail for years and I am sooo sometimes not into decorating! I have decorated many a store window and did a whole complete 2000sf store 2 weeks ago! I don't think I see a Christmas Tree going up anytime soon! Maybe a pretty Aqua blue Pointsettia! We will see! I thought that I was the only one that felt that way! I might have to chat with you on the pros and cons of having your own store. I have been told by many that I need my own store! Have a great Week! Joy....

  4. I love your goods!
    So very festive indeed...

  5. Heather I'll tell ya, I really miss that store of yours! I use to love coming in there. Your store is what inspired me to paint my antique dining room set a chinese red color and I love it! Anyway I sure miss it!

  6. I love the pics! Your blog is always so much fun!

    Happy Holidays!