20 November 2007

of poinsettias and migraines and giving Thanks!

Whoever thought fundraisers would be easy? I have been working my biscuits off with our pre-schools annual poinsettia sale for the past week and that was just the "small" pre-Thanksgiving sale. Next week is our BIG sale and I am already dreading the migraines to come. Our school is a cooperative but it seems that some of the other parents have forgotten the "co" in that. This past week we had do many people flake out that it caused a lot of stress. I am hoping that this is not the case with our upcoming date. OK, moving on...
I know I owe everyone an announcement on the WINNER of my birthday giveaway.. so without further ado.. Congratulations LORI of Vintage Flair!! Coincidentally Lori is my partner in Donna's Vintage Tree Topper swap (shhhh, I am behind!) So we will be working with each other on three projects right together as she was one of the Joli girls also. Congrats again Lori, I will be in touch with you soon!
I am going to keep this post short. I wanted to get caught up with my giveaway and wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am thankful for the internet and how it has changed our lives, so we can find our kindred souls sprinkled throughout the world. And to all of the special friends who share the laughs, stress, celebrations and tears of everyday life. Here's to you!!!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! you'll make it thur! Congrats for Lori! and way to go ...seeing the cup half ful once again!

  2. well, of course i wish a different Lori had won...but congratulations to the winning Lori!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you...a day late.
    I hope you had a wonderful day...with NO migraines !!
    And I'm thankful that thru the world of blogging I found you !!

  4. Hey....I am the right lori and did you hear me scream for joy? I am driving home from a day trip with my family reading this on my blackberry so please excuse any mispellings. Wow I never win anything! Thanks again, lori

  5. Hi Heather, love what you're doing for all our friends out here in blogland!

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!!