06 November 2006

cameras and birdies

The camera hunt continues. I have only received a couple of recommendations through my blog (both Canons) and a recommendation for a Fuji. At this point I am leaning toward one of these:

Canon PowerShot SD600
Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

The 600 has a ton of great features but for a bit more the 800 has image stabilizer which would be nice. The great thing is that the new Canon's all have higher mega pixels and faster shutter speeds with modes for shooting kids!! I can't even say how many shots I have missed because of waiting for the durned shutter. Anyway, need to examine the budget and shop for best prices but I should be the happy owner of a new camera within a week.

In other news, I received this cool piece of art today from Ms Holly at HollyLovesArt. You may remember that I created her new blog banner and she semt me this darling piece as a little thank you. THANK YOU Holly! I love it.



  1. Good luck choosing your camera!! I have a Kodak that I am very happy with. It is a DX6490, which I think they may not make anymore, but I'm sure there is a newer model that is just as good. The one thing that I don't like is trying to get shots when there is a lot of action, so if you choose the Canon, I would select the one with the faster speed. The little THANK YOU gift you received is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Holly's art is INCREDIBLE! Lucky you.....

  3. Hi, I don't have recommendations on what to buy, but I do on what not to buy. DOn't buy Nikon. While I like my camera because of the swivel feature, it doesn't take very good shots without the flash (unless in very good light). Also, I had the camera 10 months and had to return it for repair because something happened to the shutter release. Almost missed that one year warranty period. Oy. Good luck on your purchase.