09 November 2006

Happiness in a box...

I arrived home from a mediocre day today to this LOVELY book from Laura. She sent it as a thank you for redoing her blog banner. While I told her it was completely unneccesary, it certainly cheered me up to receive it. It is as lovely inside as it is out and I look forward to using it for journaling and my calendar for 2007. Thank You Laura!!

The bright part of my day (aside from lunch with my Mom and the wee one) was that I got a NEW CAMERA! Due to budget concerns I opted to go with the SD600. But it is still so great. It is very lightweight and wee and it takes nice pictures, though I am still trying to figure out all the options and settings. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the macro is quite as good as my previous camera but C'est la vie. I will have to learn to work with it.

In addition to these two bright spots I also received a fun box from Lori which was also filled with treats in thanks for her blog banner. Pictured here are only a few of the goodies she sent, amongst them this sari yarn that I LOVE so much. Thank you Lori!!

fun fabrics


  1. I am so glad you like the ledger Heather!!! I am ordering myself one right away...it looks so cool in the picture you took!!! Thank you again and again for all of your help!! I will be getting a Christmas picture ready for you to put in for December if that is okay????

    love, laura

  2. OMG, Heather! Can you believe that fabuolus journal? I met a gal that was a designer for the book this weekend at Silver Bella. I went right online and ordered 2 of each design! I LOVED it!

  3. I am so ashamed---I am the only one that hasn't done something fabulous for you as a thank you for your hard work on my blog :(

    I have not been online, creating much, etc. for the last week or so. Lots of stuff going on. Some ok, some not. Too much to say in this comment box. Don't be mad at me Heather, and don't forget me. I will try to be online tonight---maybe we can catch up and chat.

    hugs, shari xxx

  4. Yay! Am glad the package got there! Thanks so much for fixing up my blog! It looks so much better!


  5. I just got that journal from my sister last weekend!! I love it!!! I met the artist that desgned the calendar as well....she is a quiet soul with an amazing eye for detail. Delsie Chambon. :)

  6. Hi Heather

    I have been admiring your banners as I cruise 'blog land'.

    Just popping to say Hi as I am on the charm swap aswell.