04 November 2006

< sigh >


Just a little cheer for today. This is a picture I took at the pumpkin patch about 2 weeks ago. That day was much more beautiful than today's dreariness.

I took my camera to the camera doctor today and bad news.. its going to be $200 just to open it up. That doesn't include any parts it may need. The advice was buy a new camera. Soo, any suggestions? I am rather partial to my Canon so I am thinking I'd like to stick with a Canon but its not a MUST. I will be upgrading in the mega pixel department no matter what since my camera is about 5 years old and was 4 megapixels. Even the lower end digitals these days are upwards of 6. I need a decent macro since I photograph artwork regularly but I don't need anything too fancy. The lighter the better is good since I want to be able to carry it around in my purse for pix of the wee one...

If you have any ideas or feedback, please feel free to share.
Happy Sunday...


  1. If you are just wanting a point and shoot, the new canon 650 is light and very nice. :-) Great flower shot!

  2. I'm crazy for my Canon Powershot SD450 Elph - my mom loved mine so much when I got it for Christmas last year that she went home and bought one too.

  3. These are the
    p r e t t i e s t
    sunflowers i have ever seen.

  4. hi, surfed over here from AAO. Love your site and work.

    I've been lookin' for a new camera too. I've been scoping out canon's digi rebel. yes, the camera's are getting up there in price, but they can do oh so much more now. my sony cybershot takes excellent video. I take it to my son's sports games. just a consideration to look at that combo. hope this helps. good luck with finding one you like.

  5. Oh what beautiful sunflowers!
    I gasped when I saw them.
    I don't gasp too often at photos!
    The sun, the nature, the flowers, WOW!

    Also, Heather-
    I love the look of your blog!

    Amber Dawn