02 November 2006

fall has fallen...

Colors of Autumn

I am still without camera so pictures of MY stuff will be fewer and further between until I can get it replaced or repaired. I will be taking it in on Saturday with fingers crossed that it is only minimally damaged.

Its often hard to tell, its such a fine line; but fall has fallen here in central California. The trees have turned golden and leaves are falling. The weather is beautiful but decidedly cooler and crisper. There is a rustling along the streets ans crisp leaves tumble.

This is my favorite time of year. (with the exception of my blasted allergies) There is something about the colors snd the light at this time of year. It makes me feel cozy and warm; that last bastion against an inevitably dreary winter suffering from SAD. These are the images I will hold to when I am feeling dark and lonely.

November holds much to look forward to and I am eager to get going... My birthday, a Disneyland trip and Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie, hot cocoa and time spent with friends, time working on Holiday gifts, perhaps the return of my knitting needles and some colorful yarn. I look forward to seeing what this autumn has is store for us.


  1. Are those your pictures above? I love this collage. It's gorgeous. Ever thought of getting them matted? I'd be really interested in buying one for Hoop and my new house! :)

  2. Wonderful photos! Just amazing!

  3. The colors are to die for! WOW....

  4. are these YOUR photos? Wow!