06 April 2007

Internet woes

Grrr, can't blame a girl for trying to save a buck or $25 a month.
Had to change some stuff with AT&T and the guy said, "hey you could save all this money by changing your static IPs to dynamic." I figured that since we don't host a server anymore, ok, sounds good. NOT!
I can get online by sitting in a teeny corner of my studio plugged into the ether net but none of the other computers can get on nor the wireless. Great.. Combined, Greg & I probably spent about 3 hours with their tech support ( idiots) and got no where so we are switching BACK to the other kind which won't go into effect until next week. Uggh.
So anyway, in the meantime, I won't be online much until it switched back over but if I find a few quiet minutes I will post a new ArtFest chapter with more pictures. Until then, have a great weekend and a lovely Easter!


  1. That stinks!! When you get back, please come visit me, I would like to share links. I love your blog, your banner is great ( still trying to figure out how to add one to mine).

  2. I miss you!! I hope they get this all fixed soon...what a bummer to have happen right after AF and all the fun things you have to share! Come back soon....

  3. I can't wait to see more photos!