09 April 2007

I'm really here...

Hi all, I am not hiding. I am really still here. Everything is ok I am just behind. Portals has been a mess since Joleen has gone into hiding. I am trying to sort things out and get the Eye Candy issues printed so I can mail them. We had to order a new part for the printer and are waiting on that, I am sorry! To those of you who have graciously offered their help in the other Portals related matter, if I have not contacted you, I will!! Special thanks to dear Tracie for already jumping in with 2 feet and her copy of Photoshop to continue on with issue #5 and to the fabulous Kim for her ideas and email full of links to help flesh the issue out.

Easter Centerpiece

We had a nice Easter. The weather was very cooperative and we had a delicious dinner. The kiddies had fun hunting Easter eggs and it was just plain nice to have a relaxing day to visit with family all together.

Not a whole lot new to report. I am feeling the spring cleaning urge beyond the former remains of my backyard. In the last couple weeks we have hoed, raked, cut, chopped, bagged, planted watered etc. And now we are planning the next phase but first we have to get rid of the tree we cut down on Saturday. Poor dead tree... :(

My next task is to attack the little's room. Its always hard to do the great toy purge, especially when they are around. My babe is a smart cookie and comes up with all sorts of reasons why we should keep every little thing. I may have to stealthily pack stuff up. At this moment I am still overwhelmed at attacking her room so I am allowing myself to approach it with my rule of 5.. which is to allow myself to just toss 5 things a day until I feel like I can tackle more.. or get into it enough to throw away 10 or 15 things!!! Wish me luck!

Ok, I am obviously rambling about nothing here. I promise more ArtFest stuff soon. I still am having internet issues and have been reduced to this:
yeah, 100 feet of ethernet cable to drag around with my laptop.. kind of defeats the whole purpose.. -sigh-


  1. want to thank you for the beautiful eye candy that was received at ArtFest. I have looked at it several times. What a wonderful treat. We were in Pam's class together, but I don't think we met. I need to pay more attention.

    Thank you again, and best wishes on everything working smoothly for you.

  2. Thanks for visiting and linking to my site. Good luck with getting out your Eye Candy issue and that room cleaning thing. Thanks for the photo tip, I think I am just frustrated because I used to have a 35mm camera that took THE most gorgeous photos and I really don't want to have to PLAY with my photos in order for them to look good.See you soon, glad you are back!!

  3. Yes, but the ribbon on your cable looks gorgeous dahling!!!!!!!!

    Hang in there!!!!

  4. Oh gosh, you have not seen my littlest's room and I don't even want to be reminded. I'd rather start small... like the fridge. No, that's even too big. Like my wallet. I did come across a blog and that's what the lady blogs about - organizing! Wow, I can't even imagine having so many not cuss words on the subject!!!

  5. Your nest is beautiful! And I'm looking forward to my Eye Candy, no matter when it gets here! Hang in there!

  6. Karin (creativechaos)4/10/07, 9:18 AM

    Hi Heather!wishing you stress free vibes for the completion of eye candy!

    I hear you on the cleaning of the kids room. Carlos has been known to take out one wheeled cars from the trash because "this is my favorite car in the whole wide world".....even though it's been under the couch for the past 6 months. It's hopeless :)

  7. you just do what you gotta do woman. yep. and if that means taking more deep breaths than doing other stuff, then that is what you do. internet problems are the worst...especially when you rely on it as we do...

    don't forget that if you need proofreading help i am always available! or brainstorming help...or writing a quick article help...

  8. thanks for visiting my site/blog !! i ordered the eye candy issue a couple weeks ago and can't wait to get it !!! the last issue of portal was fabulous !! so much inspiration !!

  9. You are killin' me with the ribbon on your ethernet cable! I really enjoyed your entry on Artfest. I always love hearing about how everyone processes the experience. Your blog is so inspiring and I would love to link you to my blog if you wouldn't mind. It's fairly new, but your site has been on my internet favorites list for about a year now:)


  10. I understand your internet woes. Hope you get everything sorted out soon.

  11. Yes, you have embellished your ethernet cable so lovingly!
    Relax, it's okay that the next Portals will be a wee bit late (remember, Teesha is way late with the next Art and Life)Everyone will still love you! and I keep forgetting to say THANK YOU for including Eye Candy in the ArtFest goodie bag. Thank you for being so wonderful!
    xox ~martha

  12. I love the eggs!! So Springy!

    Spring cleaning--good for you!!!--I need a shot of that motivation--too many dust bunnies inhabiting my house!