04 April 2007

cease the itchin'

Ok, ok, I give!
Smoochie says she is itchin' so see the sites of ArtFest so I will share a bit here. ArtFesters will understand me when I say that I can't possibly share it all, its too much. There is so much to process after a retreat like this. I had a good time in the classes and meeting fellow bloggers' faces! I was thrilled to meet so many. I slacked on the pictures.. sorry folks. I was overwhelmed. Over 500 artists converging in ONE PLACE for nearly a week! wow!!

Some highlights...

Ft. Worden is a lovely place. The weather was mostly good, very little rain. But it was COLD.

Meeting blogger friends was the highlight of my trip.
me, Holly and Ruth Rae
me, Holly and Ruth Rae at Show 'n Tell ( TIRED!)
Ms Kim of Art Dog's Life
Stacie aka Bailey's Bliss
Hope and Me
two H's.. Hope and Heather

And the classes too.

Stacked resin papers ring and prayer box ring from Susan Lenart-Kazmer's class
Susan is a fire ball. She is so high energy that it spins your head but this class was FUN!! We made resined papers but they didn't dry as it was too cold and wet (imagine that!) so we played with some of hers and made these fabulous and SIMPLE rings.

TinTastic Bracelet
TinTastic bracelet from Linda & Opie O'Brien's class
Another fab class. The O'Brien's are so organized and keep everyone on task to ensure that folks will complete their projects. They are funny and helpful and i love what I got accomplished, plus I know I can create more now that I am home.

My final class was Pam Garrison's and I will share those pix a little later on. I want to get the binding glued to my book first! So I will part with a bit of eye candy in the form of my charm necklace. Charms were a huge trade this year so I got some ball chain and strung them all up into this funky necklace...
trades necklace

Coming up.. more great people I met, trades, purchases and the one about Pam!


  1. It's been great reading your posts about ArtFest. I've been reading the other artists that you linked too. I sure hope I can go next year!

  2. Thanks! I love reading about all the Artfest experiences!! I am like a junkie getting a fix!! Keep em coming for as long as you can!

  3. Loved reading and expecially seeing pictures of so many bloggers! Can't wait for you to post more photo's and share more of your time there.

  4. i feel like i am still soaking it all in...and i love reading your words and seeing all these great picts! we are having another chilly yet gorgeous day up here in the pacific northwest and i wish i was going to be able to sit with all of you and talk until the wee hours of the morning again tonight...

  5. Well! I hate you all. (Said with love of course!) Such greeeeat trades huh! And loving that ring too.
    I was wondering what you thought of our "weather" here.

    So are you coming to Art&Soul?! I'm trying to con a friend into going with me... she better hurry up and make a decision I think!

  6. heather what a gas we had, didnt we all!! can i say i LOVE those resin rings, you are going to have to give up the instructions as they are way cool!! susan has the enrgy of 10 people and was a way cool instructor!!

  7. Hi Heather!
    It was absolutely wonderful to meet you. I came home and realized that we didn't get a picture together...what the!?! Hope to cross paths with you again sometime.

  8. Thanks for sharing the ArtFest experience with those of us who didn't get to go, and also for links to others that went. I looked at them ALL, GREAT stuff!!

  9. Good morning! Disregard my second email. I fixed it!

    And swing on over some some coffee/muumuu fun later on~

  10. Heather, it was soooo great meeting you. YOU were one of my favorite 'faces' to meet. I love your personality and had fun whenever we got the chance to chat. I look forward to seeing you again sometime and of course, staying in touch through our blogs, etc. Great recap!!!

  11. Heather, thanks for sharing - I love the photo of you and Hope - it must have been so wonderful!

  12. Julie Madsen4/7/07, 11:14 AM

    Thanks for being such a compassionate tablemate in Pam's class. It made slinking back into class much easier to know you "got it"--migraines should be banished from the planet! So fun to know that Portals is your creation! I loved it the minute I looked at it in registration line. So fun to meet you and fun to see the pic of Hope sewing! happy creating--julie madsen

  13. i keep trying to explain to my 'muggle' friends and family. yes. artfest is difficult to describe. *the*best*. my first. i'll definitely be back. oh, and the little bunny charm? mine. thanks for trading.

  14. Looks like you had a GREAT TIME!!!! I am green with envy.....maybe next year:) Love the pieces you created!

  15. OOHH We stayed at this Fort for my 6th grade retreat:):) It is a VERY cool place...however my main memory of it is tripping and skinning the new of my brand new Gloria Vanderbilt sparkle jeans:) It was SO 1984:):)

  16. Thank you for sharing your ArtFest experience! Looks like it was just wonderful!! I've really enjoyed exploring your list of links ... and experiencing ArtFest vicariously :)

  17. It was hard for me to put in words just what artfest was for me, I really admire that you were able to put your true feeling out there, I wish I could express my feelings as well as you :)

    I did stay in one of the offers houses ... and I did know 3 of the girls in the house ... and I would have to say that we were the wild ones that took over the house and made to much noise! :)

    I never got to see that cliquey thing that a lot of people talked about...
    So I guess I was lucky (or maybe just to tired)?

    I was totally over stimulated by so much ... being surrounded by 500 creative people was truly stunning! But I did not feel like I had the time to really enjoy a lot because I was a little out of it and in an art zombie trance!

    And trying to connect faces with blogs was madding!!!

    I wish I had made more time to connect with more people (and I wish you and I could have really been able to get to know one another)

    I never got to play at the artaslym... your right once you got to your little house you were wiped out and did not want to leave.

    but the fact that it was my first time I just went with the flow ... now we know that plans need to by made for the playdates after class to create.

    Now please do not get me going on the FOOD!

  18. hello, its so nice to see your face on a photo as we have just meet on flickr, oh wow did you have some fun, meeting all thoses girls, mmm i live so far away, but thats ok, i love all your photos. love jo.