03 February 2007

going, gone...


Wow, I no sooner listed some new items in my Etsy shop than several were snapped up. What a nice feeling to know that someone likes my work enough to plop down some cash for them.

I have been undergoing some serious lack of confidence this past week. Logically, I can see that this stems from various things in my personal life. I am burnt out and discouraged. There are bright points and I think those things are the little things that ultimately pull me through.

Dealing with depression is a constant job. Sometimes I forget this and then suddenly I find I have slid down that slippery slope and I am well on my way toward dealing with much more than the daily maintanance of the disease. I thought that I would make it through this winter without many side effects from SAD, but I was wrong. Lately I have had the blues. I wake up and even if it is sunny out I feel like crying. My patience is at an all time low and I just feel alone. I feel like I want to scrap everything, my art, Portals, being a stay at home Mom and just go back to some mundane job where I don't have to think so hard and worry so much.

I am not really sure what my point is here. I guess just a warning that I may not be posting as much for a bit and also to thank those of you who have stayed in touch, supported me and been true friends. I think it is these things that have gotten me through the REALLY tough days and kept me walking that fine line.


  1. Hi girlie--
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are so blue. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I completely understand the depression thing---I have my own personal struggle. I'll try to be online more and maybe we can catch a few minutes to chat.
    -hugs, shari xxx

  2. How come we do not talk about this when we chat? We should. I do not want you sad. xoxox

  3. Poor you. I was reading Dooce's depression archives recently and I think it would be much easier to lose a leg or have asthma than to suffer from depression. Just so you know, you brighten lots of people up every day from your little blog. I hope you feel happier when you wake up, maybe the sun will come out or you will receive a sweet phonecall. I will send good vibes your way!

  4. You are not alone!!! Fellow depressives unite! Here is the voice of another sufferer adding my two cents to your two cents and now we have four cents!! We are rich in our friendship across these internet lines. I am sending you my support and love!

    By the way, your art does not go unnoticed at my house!! Daily, I look at the heart I purchased from your Etsy shop! Also, the other two items i purchased are in other homes, one because I gave it to my Mom for her birthday and the other because my friend Jane loved it so much I had to give it to her!

    Also, last night I was "arting" with Jane and we were using crepe paper (sp???) and talking about your and "how do you think Heather did this?"......we were totally using your work as inspiration!!!!!

    with love,

  5. miss heather~ i think life is tough in general, please remember we are all here to supprt each other through thick and thin, we may be hundreds of miles away but are hearts are only a key stroke or a phone call away!! take some time for yourself, maybe get a mani & a pedi!! love you!

  6. I know exactly how you feel, Heather. I've had the blues lately. It good that you recognize it and not let it go on. Sometimes I like to just retreat and regroup until I figure out how to feel better. And you will...it will pass. Try not to be everythigng to everyone...the stress leads to depression.
    Sending you love and support...oxox

  7. I hope the interaction on your lovely site helps, you are very talented and creative.

    Take care of yourself...

  8. hang in there, Heather! We all have our issues and we'll be glad to help you through yours. Lots of people are touched by you...and by your art, and by your warmth and kindness...

  9. It is the time of year , I think! I have ups and downs. I do enjoy your art and it is nice to hear you are selling IT! Yay!

  10. I adore your little ballerina jars! Your works put a smile on my face - so hopefully this comment will in turn make you smile! Oh I want to buy one of those cute little jars, but alas no money for right now! You should check out my latest post though, these little ballerinas would make anybody smile http://www.geekxnerd.com/2007/02/i-love-my-job.html

    xo, Sarah

  11. Oh Miss Heather...

    Please don't be melancholy... your art... your zine... they are all SO WONDERFUL. You do BEAUTIFUL INCREDIBLE work, which is simply a mere reflection of the creator!

    sending many warm hugs and good thoughts your way!


  12. Hey Heather!
    Do you have an ott light? Remember to put it on when you are reading or doing art. It really does help with the sad. Believe me I know!
    And I wish you were in my art room right now - doing art with me. I think on your worst day, you would be more creative than me on my best day!!
    Cheers, Denise

  13. Heather....consider yourself hugged by all of us and maybe that will help a little.

    Maybe this funk that I also feel I'm in is a little bit of depression or SAD....and I'm not sure I realized it as such.
    Thanks for opening up and sharing your feelings.

    I think as women we always try to do our best for everyone else and forget about ourselves and what we need...and I think most of the time what we need is knowing that other women are there for us and that they are the only ones that can even begin to understand us.

    I hope the tides change soon for you and things start looking up. Until then, remember to breathe.

  14. Dear Heather - thank you for your comment and I would LOVE to swap - I have a swap going with Izabella - and I can't wait to receive her moos - just let me know... - on another note - reading this post meant a lot to me - as today was one of THOSE days for me - 10 degrees and determined to do some bees wax collaging (on the wood stove - our source of heat) chaos abounds - AND altho I have this fab studio in town there are days when I want TO BE HOME - my collages were little house/heart assemblages - I am rambling... I guess I want to say that you are not alone and I am comforted to know that I am not alone - the bloggy addiction is so meaningful to me now - so the 3:00 bedtimes ... well... - I send you my love - keep going - be a maniac - keep moving - we ALL need you to - xox - eb.