06 February 2007

Things I'm lovin'...

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I don't often use my blog as a place to vent my frustrations or problems but sometimes I just get to my last straw. So often people have that kind of "get over it" attitude if they do not understand what dealing with depression is like. It IS a disease and its hard to deal with. Thanks for those of you who have shared your stories for dealing with depression and offering shoulders to lean on. You are appreciated more than you will ever know.

So, to change the subject up a bit. I think many of us have an eye toward spring already. Though it has been a fairly mild winter here in CA so far, we do get tired of gray days and being cooped up in the house. Currently we are facing a week of rain which those of you with littles know is NO FUN!

Lately I have been seeing some fun things that have inspired me and made me swoon. I thought maybe you would like to see them as well and perhaps feel a bit of warmth inside at the thought of these wonderful things:

New COLLAGE SHEETS by Hope at Paper Relics!
Add a bit of color and whimsy to your art with Hope's fantastic sheets of wings, hats and magical things. I love these babies!!

And I am swooning HARD for the jewels found at this fantastic Etsy shop called 1ofmyKind. I think her stuff is to.die.for! and if I am not really careful I could go broke shopping there. I'll just have to hope that the DH reads this post! (Hi Honey)

I can't wait until these stamps are in stores. They just came out at CHA and Laura (evil woman) pointed me in their direction. I love them and I WANT them. They are by Crafty Secrets who does not sell directly from their web site but I am going to hunt them done with dogged determination!

Ok, I think that is it for this post. I have downed a cup of coffee and feel more awake. I NEED to finish my ArtFest fat book pages and get them in the mail along with the goodies from my heART drawing. Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. omg! her jewelry is delicious, i want it all!!! wahhhhahhhhh!!!!
    take care, sweet gal~

  2. That jewelry is just divine!

  3. It's important to just let put out there what you are feeling and going through. I have been meaning to email you and will.

    THANKS ALOT!! Seeing those stamps now I will be right behind you doggedly searching for them...look at those fabulous birds. Actually everything you showed....yeeow!

    oh, I received the book and the Zines, I don't think I let you know. love 'em all. thanks.

  4. wow! great links!
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh great stuff! I love seeing what others are buying... there's always cool new stuff to see and swoon over :) Thanks for sharing your fab finds.

  6. Wow! That jewelry is gorgeous! and I don't even feel the need for jewelry most of the time!

    If you find those birdie stamps somewhere don't forget to tell me!! I must have them too!

  7. Heather, when you find those stamps, snag some for me! seriously! I WANT them too!
    I have had depression on and off since I was in the 5th grade. That time was the worst. I didn't know what it was---I just felt really bad. Ugh.

  8. Depression is definitely serious business. I have several health issues that I deal with on a daily basis and though I have the power/strength/courage to deal with it that doesn't make it any easier. Hang in there, you have another shoulder here if you need it.

    Oh and, by the way, you are an evil woman tempting us with all these wonderful links. :::smirks::: hehe

    Paper Relics is incredible. I am heavy into paper arts so I have seen their stuff before.

    I am coming out with my own rubber stamp line soon :::happy dance::: also clear stamps like theirs. I get my samples back this week if I can get them in. :::excited:::

    Thank you for the link to the jewelry and DARN YOU now there is more on my wishlist. LOL Her jewelry, as well as her shop content, is exquisite and I love that she adds so much of herself to it.

    Determined to get to ArtFest one year. :::drool::: hehe

    :::sighs::: Coffee. :::pout::: Due to health concerns I am decaf now and may have to even give up that. Drink another cup for me. LOL

    Email me if you ever want to chat, I love playing muse. Actually, drop me a note with your mailing address, I want to send you something. :::cheshire cat grin:::

    Ria :)
    aka Renmeleon.com

  9. Hi Heather. My name is Vicki Chrisman and I work with Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage , and I wanted to tell you ..they are going to be selling from the website SOON! so check back... otherwise email me , and we'll find you a way to get them, okay?
    They are fabulous stamps! Stamp with such detail.