02 February 2007

heART winners...

Well the BIG day has finally arrived and all over blog land people are anxiously visiting drawings to see if their name is posted to receive the lovely works of art offered up by so many talented and generous souls. I have to admit that I am a teensy bit disappointed that I have yet to see my name on any of said blogs. (sniff) BUT I know the fun will last throughout the weekend and I still have a few chances at some glorious art work. Provided I never do see my name, I feel I have made so many new friends and have discovered a wealth of inspiration and goodness. I plan to ask some of these talented gals about doing some one on one art swaps when this all ties up.

Anyway, I drew the two names of my winners earlier this evening but am just now getting around to posting since the little has gone to bed. I decided, spur of the moment, to draw a third name for a yet to be disclosed prize and that lucky winner is "Joan", who did not leave any contact info. So I will give her until Monday to contact me for her prize or draw another name for the third goodie.

Congratulations also to Pretty Lady and Christiane who won my angel tag and home ornament respectively. Please ladies, email me with your mailing addresses so I can mail these treats out to you.

Thanks to all of the new folks who have visited my blog and taken the time to comment. I hope I will see you here again. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. oh Heather - thanks for your comment - I love all that you are doing - hasn't this been such a wonderful experience? - you are also bookmarked - I will visit often and I hope you will visit me as well - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!! xox 2 the nth - eb.

  2. Karin (creativechaos)2/2/07, 10:36 PM

    Congratulations winners! Christiane won on my site also! It's been so much fun doing this!! I am linking you to my site if that is ok with you! So glad to have met you and all the other wonderful bloggers!!

  3. Heather!
    I hope I am the "Joan" you are looking for--I read your blog everyday and hope to get you to do a banner for my rudimentary blog one day. (I haven't gone "public" yet!) At any rate, I thank you for the heart gift--it is very generous of you. I am Joan Ellis, 1604 Copper Penny Dr., Chula Vista CA 91915. Again, thanks so much!

  4. Heather this giving of *hEaRts* has been the *best* blog experience yet I am sure that you would agree! Meeting so many new sites and seeing all the creativity is awesome so say the least!You are very talented and show much *LoVe* in your artwork! It is a pleasure meeting you! Congrats to your winners and if you've time pop by from time to time and visit my garden and stuff.hugs NG

  5. So happy for the winners and all the players!!

  6. Christiane2/5/07, 3:15 PM

    Hi! Sorry you had to hunt for me, I can't believe I missed this when I came by your blog earlier today!
    Thank you so much!!!

  7. YAY Pretty Lady and Christiane !!!
    Congratulations !