21 December 2006

unexpected surprises...

I have been dashing madly toward the finish line.. not the finish line of Christmas but the finish line of putting Portals v 4 to bed! And tonight, I am happy to say that the issue (all 44 pages!- our fattest yet) is now safely off to the printer. Soon after I get it back I will begin the binding and mailing but I am giving myself a few days to relax and enjoy Christmas and the growing excitement of our wee one. ( so cute!)

Anyway, I have been fretting about finishing it up and thank god Joleen and I had a couple of virtual head to heads because we nearly forgot two whole articles!! LOL Yesterday, I was scurrying around, wrapping gifts and working like a maniac on my computer while the little napped when a box showed up from Amazon. I opened it anticipating some books I had ordered for gifts. I felt kind of confused because I couldn't remember ordering a couple of them but knew I had been contemplating them because they were on my wish list. Suddenly I realized that someone had sent them to me! They were from my dear old friend Rosemary! What an absolute surprise.. Thank You so much Rose!!

So here is what we got: (sorry about the Amazon tags)

Bernie's book. Just out.
I haven't even scratched the surface!!
I am so excited!

This fun book with all kinds of wee projects to accent
the dollhouse we are building. I know I need to share
some updated pix but it ain't happenin' for Xmas!!

If you aren't familiar with Charie and Lola.. ugh!
Amazing "animation" in collage style.
Not only is it cute but so beautiful and clever.
This will be a fun project book for the little who loves crafts.

Another unexpected surprise came at lunch today. I happened to look over and noticed a woman reading a copy of Somerset Studios' Gallery. I told my Mom that I wondered if she was an artist because she had the magazine. Well, my mom went up and told the woman that her daughter wass published IN that magazine and asked if she was a mixed media artist. I went and talked to her too and was excited to learn that not only is she INDEED a mixed media artist but she lives HERE and she is interested in getting together some time to share and art. I am so excited and really hope that we click and can maybe find some others and start a little art group!!

Anyway, that is my news for today. I am pooped so I am going to turn in and hopefully have soem real eye candy to share soon.


  1. Hi Heather

    A VERY Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Looking FORWARD to seeing the new Portals.


  2. Wow!!! THIS sounds so great!!!!! I am coming back after all the Holiday madness to check it all out! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  3. i absolutely MUST get that charlie and lola book NOW. man, i love that show!!!

    such a thoughtful friend- great books! :D

    yay, for issue 4!

    annnnnd i just got home to my gifts- thank you sooooo much! the ornament is so beautiful and i cannot wait to look at my book!! so thoughtful- thank you! xo

  4. Merry Christmas Heather!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

  5. Heather, I need to order 2 copies of the new Portals! Hope I'm not too late.
    Love the new header!

  6. I can't believe you are doing Christmas , putting together Portals and being a mom all at the same time!

    I am in awe !