23 December 2006

dolly fashion

I finished 2 little things for Ms. Aubrey ( yes she has a name thanks to Kim!!) last night. I actually FINISHED them as in sewing on snaps. They are a bit wonky, its weird sewing so small! But I think they are really cute and I have cut out several other things as well.

Here is Aubrey in a skirt I adapted from a pattern on Puchimadam's site. Tops are hard and I haven't made one for this yet so I improvised with the ribbon halter.

Although it has a layer of hot pink tulle underneath it looks a bit poofier in the picture than real life due to the stand I had her in.

Here is a dress I made, it is also from a pattern from the Puchimadam site and I am pretty pleased with how cute it turned out.


I need to get some shoes for these poor gals so their feet won't be cold. I am looking forward to Joleen's Blythe swap in the new year in hopes I can get some fun new goodies for my girls.

PS. On the naming front. I have decided not to name my Asian Butterfly Encore until I have given her her planned makeoever. I received the mohair today so I need to wash it and dye it the desired color(s). My latest aquisition arrived at Joleen's today so I will start thinking of a name for her when I actually meet her. For now we are calling her Ginger. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures that Joleen took this morning.


  1. I am having a blast living vicariously through your experience with the Blythe dolls! Keep it coming!

  2. so jealous...thought of another name??FIONA???
    she looks beautiful.....

  3. Love the black and white dress !!! VERY NICE !

    And the ribbon top - woo woo ! Like that too !

    They look marvelous- how fun !

    ps.Fiona is a good name too