02 December 2006

my BIG tiny project

I have been keeping this project under wraps for a while, I don't know why. I just have. Its been kind of fun because its a project that Greg and I have gotten to work on together and while I had have high hopes of finishing it in time for Christmas, I have soo much going on, I am not sure if we will make it. In working on building this little house for the little one, I have become rather obsessed (more than usual) with all things wee. I am anxious to decorate this cottage but doll house furniture is soooo expensive. I am looking at creating some things from scratch but I could use some direction. I am immensely jealous (and inspired) by the treasures that have emerged from Club Little House but have not been fortunate to be able to actually sign up for any of the swap rounds. Perhaps in the New Year I will host one of my own in hopes of giving the little H's dolls some comfy furnishings..



  1. Oh wow! Making a dollhouse and getting in on Club Little House is on my list of things to do too. Has been for a while!! Your house is off to a great start it seems! My trouble is I have no clues as to where I will put such a house in our house!

  2. Your house looks like it is going to be so wounderful!! Can I tell you that my Dad made me a Doll House when I was little and it is one of my fondest memories!!!!

  3. fun fun fun!! Love the shape of your house!! The yellow is so cheerful and sweet! Adore your lil gal in the yellow dress!!

    Best Wishes!! Have lots of fun!!
    Cannot wait for more pics!

    xoxo Jenny

  4. Hi Heather! I did the Mini Swap for Club Little House and it was such fun! I haven't been able to sign up for the regular swap either. I tried to get a similar swap going on Craftster but I couldn't generate enough interest. I'd be up for a swap if you'd like :)

    Cheers, Sarah