04 December 2006

I'm not weird, I'm not, I'm not...

Well based on the blogs of many of my friends I am just as weird as the rest of the lot. I have been tagged by 3 people (Tracie, Deb & Lori) and to complete this meme so I figure I better hurry and do it before I get tagged again.

- I share one weird thing with Shari who started this whole mess, in that I have to have my sheets "just so" or else I can't sleep. If they aren't all straight and tucked in I will make everyone gets up (hubby, cats) and fix them until they are all tidy.

- I HATE soda.. yuck yuck yucko.. well I might have an occasional rootbeer float but its pretty much flat when you put the ice cream in. soda= bleh.

- I love all things tomatoey- ketchup (catsup?), spaghetti sauce, salsa, but do not like raw tomatoes...

- I can type quickly but I only type with three fingers. People are amazed when they find out that I am chatting and keeping up the conversation with my patented 3 fingered typing style.

- I am an admitted FRIENDS junkie, If I find a rerun I will watch it.. over and over and over again. My hubby thinks I am nuts. I RULE at the FRIENDS trivia game.

- I almost always watch TV at night while working on my laptop. There are certain shows I HAVE to see, but I miss nearly all of what is going on due to concentrating on other things like this meme... now can anyone tell me what happened on Studio 60?!

I have to tag 6 people now and since I have been tagged by so many this might be a challenge but I pick: Laura, Sandy, Kim, Sharon, Shari and Hope....


  1. I am busy thinking of how weird I am!!! Thanks for the tag!

  2. sORRRY !!! I claim IMMUNITY here !

    this is the third time I have been tagged in a week for this


    I already did it back in July / Aug.

    at which time....ahem...it was decided that there is NOTHING weird at all about me !

    laughing ! but I will enjoy reading about your weirdness tho !

  3. or is it AMNESTY ?

    I forget what you holler in tag

  4. Not too weird. The tomato thing is odd-that you won't eat the Real Thing :0) Fun to read-thanx