19 December 2006


OK, so this is kind of embarrassing. Earlier this year, Joleen got me interested in and hooked on Blythe dolls. Thats not the embarrassing part.. here it is.. I have 2 and another currently on the way from Hong Kong and none of them have names!!! I may have named the ones I have but I sure can't remember if I did.. so I figure that the have been neglected enough and they need a little attention.

This is the first dollie I got. She is an Ashton Drake Gallery "Love n Lace". Obviously I don't want to call her Love n Lace (blech) so she needs a proper name. I love her red hair and my favorite are her green eye chips. I am leaning toward an Irish name, I really like "Declan" but Sharon can't see it. LOL Any ideas?

In these pictures she is modeling some new hats I have been working on. A pink fleecey beret with cute trim: ( sorry her hair is a MESS!)

and a fun bunny hood:


Then this is my second doll. She is a "Takara Asian Buttefly Encore". Once again, long name. Needs another. Obviously she has a bit of an asian influence with that name and she came dressed in very asian looking clothing.. BUT... she is going to undergo a dramatic transformation including new mohair hair, matted skin and new makeup so her look will completely change. I plan to dye the mohair I got a pale pink and go from there.


The dollie that is currently traveling to the US and me is a Takara Prima Dolly Ginger, who will also need a new name. I think i can wait until she actually arrives but until then I can certainly use soem name suggestions for my other girls.

I have been working on some other clothing for them too and I will post it when it is done.


  1. i like the name AUBREY for the 2nd doll?? 3rd doll ANGELINA?? she reminds me of angelina jolie or you could call her JOLIE? what a fun thing to collect, how do you keep them from the little one???

  2. I can't remember if this is an Irish name or a Scottish name, but how about Roisin for the first doll (pronounced Ro-sheen). I've always thought that was pretty! Your dollies are very cute :)

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  4. An Irish name for your ADG is a good idea. Look through here: http://www.babynamesofireland.com/
    Come up with a few that we can choose from.

    As for your ABe: Don't name her until she's customized because, you're right, she'll look like a completely different doll.

  5. I don't even really like dolls, but I find these so totally intriguing!! Can't wait to see more of them!!!! I am going to have research the history of them....Can you get them in the USA or are they only sold in Japan? Japan has such cool stuff!

  6. Oh man...I can't wait for my Blythe to arrive! I hope she doesn't spend too much time vacationing in Palm Springs...

    Oh - I blogged, I blogged!

  7. I really don't get the doll thing...but if I had to try to name them, #1 Lacey or Ainsley
    #2. Taka

  8. How FUN !
    I never knew anything about these dolls either !
    Can't wait to see what you are doing with them...

    As to the name for the first dolly ?
    I Pick "LOLA" - it came to me when I read your LOL abbreviation...at fist I thought you had picked her name and it was Lola...and I thought that worked great ! She looked like a LOLA to me. But anyway ! I see some other great names coming out too.

    PS - thank you for the cute little Christmas card I received today !
    Loved the Disneyland / Minnie Mouse and YOU picture. Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas back !

  9. oh no ... I have been following links on these dolls (Joleen's and Snoopy somebody...) ...I think I am gettng hooked too ! aaaaaaaaaa. But they are so cute and fun and mod and ... well , I want some too !!!!

  10. oh nooooo !
    I just spent like the last half an hour looking up Blythe Dolls and now I am doomed to start in with this too. I see it ! I feel it !

    THANKS ! laughing.

    I say THANKS like when someone is humming a bad Bee Gees Tune and you get it stuck in your head...That kind of THANKS !

  11. I'm not good at names but just had to say that i love the last doll...she is awesome!....must be the hair color :o)

  12. i think i need to have one...another thing to collect..i think i need a 12-step program...