13 December 2006

baby vs door

Poor peanut ran head long into the edge of the bedroom door on Sunday. This is what her forehead looks like today. Ugh, I hate it.. I am so glad she has bangs to cover it up out in public.

In other news..
here is my layout for Sue's Alphabetica book that has been haunting me and taunting me for the last month. I don't know why I had such a hard time with it. The "theme" of the book is Play on Words and I used a favorite quote but still I struggled. In the end, I just took Sue's advice and played.. so here is my layout.



  1. Ow - poor girl! That's quite a bump on the head. Hope she's not hurting too badly.

  2. oh that poor little thing. thank goodness they are so resilient and check out those big beautiful eyes of hers :o) Love the spread you did...those are some of my favorite colors and i love the darling image.

  3. oooh poor lil' doll! Yes indeed...Thank goodness for bangs!

    My younger brothers seemed to have a new egg on their heads weekly when they were little!! My goodness!!

    hope she feels better!

    Your book looks fab! Adore the color palette!! Great work!

    Happy Holidays!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  4. Fortunately kids have hard heads, and heal quickly. :)

    Beautiful book entry!


  5. I keep meaning to post and tell you how I love your entry!! the colors are gorgeous!

    And...Amelia has an owie on her head, too. Right between the eyes!

  6. oh, I was gonna tell you about our oldest son and how he would conk his head when he was about 18 months old. He hit the corner of the wall twice.--The first time at my parents---the corner won and he needed stitches. The second time was at our new house and he totally demolished the corner! Paster and paint came off in huge pieces--he dented in the corner bead. LOL