12 December 2006

mo bloggin...

I have finished up the very last of my commissioned blog banners for the year. Happy Birthday to Kristal, now sporting a brand new blog banner featuring an old photo of her grandmother Grace.
In the new year I will have a rates schedule posted on my under construction but coming soon I hope (Hope!) website. I really enjoy creating these banners for my friends and fellow artists but it was pointed out to me by more than one person that I am not meetingmy goals by giving my art away. I will therefore be accepting commisions for blog and etsy banners and buttons for reasonable rates and trades even.

I hope this post finds everyone ready for the holidaze. I shipped a BUNCH of stuff off to MN today to all the various inlaws which was a HUGE weight off of my back. I also took care of the baskets for Greg's partner and employees so that is done too. I want to get to my machine and do a bit of sewing for last minute pressies for some of my dear friends. Tomorrow is baking day!! I smell lots and lots of cookies.. LOL Oh, and I have some RR things to mail out.. a beaded art dollie and the Alphabetica journal I have been fighting with for a month. I will get a picture of that before it goes in the mail... for now, I am back to the last few pages of Portals v 4 before it heads off for the printer. In case you haven't ordered it yet, its available for preorder on www.Portals-Zine.com


  1. You are great with your banners Heather!! I bet you'll get lots of inquiries in the new year! I love this one you just did of the gals Grandmother...sassy :)

  2. Heather.....I am so glad you will be accepting funds for banner making and.....I want to be the first on your list. Also, I want to order the 4th edition of the zine. I am still reading the last one I got and love it! I will go to the website, but just in case....please put me on the list!

  3. Hi Aunt Heather! I like your 'bloggin. The art stuff is so neat, I love doing stuff like that!

  4. oh my gosh, girl!! gorgeous!! Can I be you????

  5. All I can say is "Thank you" (as I bow) :0)