16 December 2006

laughter REALLY is the best medicine...

Last night was Greg's company christmas party. It was their first as they just started their company last year and they were so busy at this time last year that we all never got around to going out to celebrate. It was so great to see how well everyone gets along and values what they have built. They are doing so well and its a far cry from where he and his partner worked before.
I wasn't really looking forward to going out. Yes, it meant a night out without the wee one which we have not had in along time, but I have been in such a funk, such a crappy mood, nearly paralyzed in my mind. I haven't even discussed with some of my closest friends the depths of my recent hell. Thursday afternoon held a particularly difficult therapy session which left me such a wreck I could hardly drive home.

The thought of putting on "grown up" clothes and going out at night certainly didn't hold much allure. We headed to our destination and the parking (and traffic) situation was just atrocious. I am afraid I used some not very mommy-like language and I was just about at wits end when I happened upon a very good parking space. Introductions, cocktails and dinner followed. It was crowded and noisy but the food was good and it was nice to catch up with John and his wife and get to know the other employees. Slowly my fog lifted, I am sure the cosmopolitans helped but we laughed and that helped more.

After dinner we headed to the local Improv and witnessed a small group of hecklers (can you say assholes?) being escorted out by security. Oh great, we thought... but we already had tickets and figured we could leave if it got out of hand. I hate to say it but the opening act pretty much sucked. I maybe laughed 2 times. The next guy was HYSTERICAL. I wish I had caught his whole name and unfortunately it isn't listed anywhere on the website, just the headliner. Boo. The headliner, Heath Hyche was pretty funny but not really my kind of comedy. Talk about high energy though. How this man can do three shows in one night.. wow. Still, he was quite funny and we did get alot of laughs in. Overall, it all really helped. I felt so much better last night and when we got to the inlaws where we were avoiding drunk drivers I just couldn't stop giggling. I cannot even remember when I last felt like that. I am relieved that it has held over a bit and I feel better today. I am hoping that I can continue on this swing up, especially long enough to get through Christmas.. still so much to do and so little time...

Thanks for listening...


  1. {{HUGS}}!!
    A grown up night out is a very good thing. Be Merry!

  2. Just chiming in to say that I can totally identify with this post!!! going through a hellish time, not wanting to go to a party, etc........ sending hugs your way!!!!!!


  3. Hi Heather---we had DHs party last week and they had hired an comedy team. Kinda like "whose line it is anyway? Funny!
    ((hugs)) that you are having a rough time. wish I could help---hope you are able to get to a better, happier place soon. :)