30 July 2006

{pink & orange}

Yay, I am nearly done with my pink and orange pages which just a few short days ago I hadn't even begun. I had one false start and then I worked this out trying three different versions and liking the final one. I finished the first set of embellishments just minutes ago and the rest should be done tomorrow. I love it when artwork just happens like that!

In other news, the PINK birthday party yesterday was so much fun even though the weather was weird. My neice made quite the PINK haul including this get up which my wee one sported.
We had a heckuva time getting the boots off of her, so first thing this morning I ordered her a pair for her birthday which is coming up waaaaay too quickly.

Good night all. More shop goodies coming tomorrow.


  1. OH! Heather your site is adorable and chock full of creativity! I will definetly be back!

    Congrats again on winning the necklace!! HURRAY!

  2. Love your pink/orange page!! Totally great!! Love your daughter's boots!!! Good thing you ordered her a pair!

  3. Speaking of GORGEOUS

    This pink and orange page...very very gorgeous

    But the little girl in pink...that is your jewel - what a doll baby

    (And I want those boots too!)

    What a cutie pie.

  4. p.s. Love your Pretty in Pink tags & collage on ETSY...

  5. Ohhh Heather, that is the cutest outfit, I love that picture! She is adorable!

  6. I wouldn't have taken those rocking boots off either!

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