24 July 2006

pink bunnies


You asked.. and I answered. I was able to make up a batch of pink bunny buttons today (AFTER shipping Portals) and they are now available in my Etsy shop ready to adorn your artist apron on favorite journal bag.
Since it was another scorcher (100+ degress) I also was able to get a batch of dying done on some tags that I have a special order for. I am addicted to them, the colors are so vibrant and lovely. I am also trying to dye up some twill tape to match.. fun but messy!

tag dying day

I am ver relieved to not only have mailed out the Alphabetica journal but also my tardy PINK package. Thanks Laurie, for being so patient. I am caught up on orders, (Etsy and Portals) so now I can focus on some more new products for the shop and do my Pink & Orange pages, eeep!


  1. Those are great! I want a button maker soooo bad!

  2. I don't know how you dye your things, but you can put the tags/twilltape in a ziplock then spray or pour the dye in a moosh it around. That saves the mess-you just pitch the bag out when you have used up all the dye.

  3. I just mailed out my PINK today too....

    Annnnnd...my Aqua and Brown.

    How TARDY is that ? Make you feel loads better ? Yes I am a slothful swap mailer.

    Hey ! I got some buttons ! I got some Bunny Buttons (and I will call them Hippily Bunnies!)

    Love, S.

  4. I love all your buttons, Heather! I still have the ones I bought still on the tag. I can't bear to use them LOL No problem on the pink swap. Good things...

    I LOVE your new banner. Wow. What a gorgeous picture!!

  5. okay I am only going to wait so much longer and if no one picks up the remaining bunny buttons on ETSY I am going to hog them all up !