14 March 2012

Work Table Wednesday...

Last week my Brave Girl friend Barbe started a feature on her blog called "Work Table Wednesday" to share what is currently on our work tables.

Hannah soldering her first project.
Mine has been undergoing some serious cleaning up and clearing up. I had a little extra motivation because I was expecting a visit from my friend Julee and her daughter for an artsy visit. They arrived yesterday at about lunch time and in the 26 hours or so that they were here, Julee taught us how to solder. She is a whiz at it and has taught many classes and makes all kinds of cool stuff. We were super fortunate to have such a cool, patient, funny, (careful) teacher and we experimented and made all kinds of neat stuff. Hannah had a blast!! Julee was GREAT with her.

So, anyway, that is what was on our work table today:

Hannah cleaning and buffing the soldered edges of our "finished" pieces

Experimenting with soldering bottles.
We still have some hangers and dangles and other things to add so the finished piece reveal will have to come later. The kids got tired and started melting down so Julee decided it was time to hit the road. All in all, very productive and fun visit. We are looking forward to next time and maybe heading up to her neck of the woods.

I you are interested in learning to solder, Julee now has an online class! Its only $55 for four parts and four complete projects. I cannot recommend her style enough, even for "conscientious" kids.

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