17 March 2012

of art & Etsy...

Happy St Patty's Day!

We just finished up a yummy dinner of Corned Beef & Cabbage with all the trimmings. Super yummy. Plus, I harvested some lemons from our tree and made yummy lemon pie (which we dyed green) for dessert. Mmmmmmm.

Since it was pouring rain all day and the feast was simmering on the stove, I got a fair amount of computer time in and managed to restock the ole Etsy store as you can see over in my sidebar. Hannah and I have been busy in the studio making fun pendants out of old keys, vintage jewelry bits and Swarovski crystals.
Also, since I have been cleaning the studio, I ran across a pile of back issues of Portals Zine so I listed a few issues of #7 in the shop... last chance! LOL

Also, as I teased a couple of days ago. I finished a couple of my soldered pieces. Here they are...

The first is my mermaid piece. I collect mermaids and have a mermaid tattoo. The focal on this was a little card someone gave me ages ago that I had been saving for just the right thing. I threw together this little collage when Julee was here and I love how it turned out. I soldered 3 rings to the bottom to dangle things from but it looked kind of sparse so I added the chain and was able to dangle lots of goodies!
Our bathroom is decked out in mermaids so this will be going in there. love it..

My other piece was more of an affirmation piece for me. I have had the beveled glass just hanging around so I created a house shape with words cut from a PaPaYa Art calendar. The little bird is from a Teesha Moore collage sheet and then just pieces of wallpaper and deco paper. Its very meaningful to me and I think it will end up next to my bed. Been loving the vintage faux pearls lately so they are getting used a lot as seen here, in the dangles. Love the happy colors and positive affirmation.

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  1. your pieces came out FANTASTICALLY fabulous!
    love it and you all!!!