19 March 2012


This post is a bit overdue but I feel behind on everything these days.. LOL
Anyway, awhile back I posted about the work I was doing for sweet Michelle and her daughter Emily at ButterBlossoms. I shared the business card fronts I had designed using their gorgeous photos and every time I created new collateral for them I drooled on my screen. ;)
Once it was all said and done and I had finished all their stuff I was in for a big surprise because the sweet ladies sent me a gift tin of a dozen of their amazing cookies!! They let me pick which flavors I wanted, so I tried the Classic Shortbread and the Luscious Lemon. OMG, not only are their cookies packed beautifully.. (heehee) but meticulously and securely. Not a crumb out of place. They came out of the package crystal plate ready!
Well of course I dug right in and OMG they are the BEST shortbread cookies I have EVER had. I have had them hidden away with strict instructions to the family NOT TO TOUCH. I have been slowly allowing myself to have only 1 a day and I was getting low so I figured I had better take some pictures before all I had to share was the satisfied smile on my lips.

Look how pretty there are. Perfect buttery hearts sprinkled with just enough sparkling sugar to feel extra decadent. So whether for a special occasion, a gift or a special treat for yourself, I highly recommend ButterBlossoms cookies!! Can't wait to try some of their other flavors.. like the Bacon Chocolate or Honey Espresso. Yum..


  1. ok.. now I need a snack.. but nothing in my house will compare to how good those cookies look! lol!


  2. You have seriously made me drool...and shortbread is my favourite!!!!

  3. I'm feeling a little like Vivian AND a little like Sherry! I love love love shortbreads AND its my breakfast time.... hmmmmm...
    *rummages around*
    *flings dust bunnies*

    Guess I'll be calling on the Butter Blossoms!