12 March 2012

new from old

Hey all, I didn't intend to be gone this long between posts but its been a rough couple of weeks. I had been having chronic headaches for over 2 straight weeks and nothing seemed to be working to alleviate them. I went to the doctor after about a week and she couldn't find anything wrong so she prescribed Vicodin in hopes of "breaking" the headache and making it easier to control. The Vicodin didn't even touch the pain and just made it so I couldn't drive vs having pain and being able to go about my usual business.

I had an appt with my reg. doctor for a routine thing a few days later so I brought it up with her the following week. She still couldn't find anything wrong and prescribed a shot of Toradol to "break" the headache. In addition she asked me to cut back on my caffeine :( and doubled the dose of Amitriptyline I take each night.

Well, the shot didn't work but about 3 days after my visit I woke up to NO HEADACHE.. its not been 4 days with no headache so something is working. I am easing back onto a little more caffeine (I really like my iced tea) and trying to be very conscious of not straining my eyes with too much computer/ TV/ reading. I am still kind of holding my breath that they will not come back like they were.

One day I was talking to some woman who said she had NEVER had an headache. I was stunned, I still can't even believe that is possible. I have always had headaches as part of my life so I am kind of used to it but that possibility just floored me.

In other news, I was just kind of putzing around yesterday and decided to make over our dining table. Its a wood hand me down from when we redid the living/ dining room. It was kind of just a boring wood color with nothing remarkable about it so I painted it white. In the course of the last year kids have gotten it painty/ marker marked and scratched for crafts and such so I was going to just repaint it a creamy white using my Chalk Paint. Alas, my vintage white paint can has gone missing so my hub suggested I use what was left of the turquoisey blue I used on my buffet and just paint the top. So I did!!

I sanded it down to distress it a bit and then waxed the top. I really like how it looks so does the family. This isn't the greatest picture because its a little dark but you can get an idea of how it looks. The best thing about it is that I can show off my vintage linens and doilies and stuff much better on it than a white table.

Sometimes, its just the simple things that can make all the difference... plus it was FREE!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better!!

    And the table looks GREAT!! Love it!!