27 March 2012

I am a Brave Girl

One of my goals this year was to push myself to do things that aren't so comfortable to me. It means reaching out to new people/friends. Trying new things artistically and sending off my art into the world more. I am happy to report that I have been doing well on all fronts so far.

One of the most recent things I did was to send off some of my artwork to Kathy & Melody at Brave Girls Club. If you are not familiar with Brave Girls... please take a few minutes to go check them out.

There are lots of classes, art and inspiration featured on the site and each day they send an inspirational and motivational, encouraging email to your inbox. You can sign up here.

Lately they have put out a call for birdie art so I sent some in. The piece shown here was directly influenced by Melody's Soul Restoration class. It created when I was working on my truth cards and it is one of the pieces I send to Kathy. Well I was delighted to receive an email from kathy today saying that my artwork was featured on their mailing last night. Here is the Daily Truth that accompanied it..

"Dear One of a Kind Girl, Think about what happened last week what felt really great, and then what made you feel small. Think about the things you accomplished and the things that you wish you could go back and do a different way. Think about the things that were on your to-do list and then think about why some of them didn't get checked off. Then congratulate yourself for the things that did. Think about what you want more of in your life and what you most definitely want less of.So many of us just go through life without evaluating how things went. When we don't think about how things went what was great and what wasn't so great. We find ourselves going in circles. We have to know where to change things, what to change, how to change things and what to do MORE of. We get to be in charge of ALL of that!!! So this new week, dear friend take some time to think about how things have been going and if they are not going the way you would like them to go make some changes. You are worth that time. Your life is important and valuable and you are so very loved."

I have to say it was a very nice surprise to come home to on my Jury Duty break today. Its amazing how the little things can change up your day. And I am proud to be featured by these wonderful women. Hope you find some inspiration there as I have.


  1. I saw you this morning in my email!! And I smiled!! Congratulations Heather -- putting yourself out there and pushing boundaries...you never know what you can do until you try! :)

  2. I also saw your beautiful piece of bird art in the BGC email, your site and work are beautiful :)