25 March 2012

new stuff...

The "big sale" at my printer encouraged me to turn some paintings I have been hoarding into new art cards for the Etsy shop. I could have ordered a whole slew of them but DH would probably freak out with me spending that much $$ right now since we just took it in the rear with the IRS. (gah!)
So, I limited myself to my three favorites and I hope you love them as much as I do ( or think I will once they actually get here)..
They are flats and they have printed backs too. I can't wait to send my friend notes on them!! Squeal. Isn't it nice how "little things" can make you feel so excited? Its going to be like Christmas when UPS arrives in a week or so. 

Looking at these, and working with the images to add text and crop them right, etc. makes me want to go out and play with all my scrap paper and paints. I have been deep in soldering and jewelry. I can't seem to stick with any one thing. At least its easier for me to find and put away all my stuff now that the studio is clean and relatively organized. I guess we'll see how the week progresses. It might not progress to well..

I have to report for jury duty tomorrow.


  1. OMG so super cute, Heather!!! I love them to pieces... the color blocking and the borders really draw me into these. Good work!

  2. Hi, found your birdie on the Brave Girls note today and decided to stop by. Such a great blog! Love you cards as well.